Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sneakers Past and Present

I love my sneakers.  So much that I actually cannot part with them.  I know at this point I don't have that crazy amount of them (and I have parted with the ones from high school and a few from college), but the ones I've kept are from when I really fell in love with running. 

The white asics with the blue stripes started it all.  I couldn't believe sneakers could be so comfortable when I bought these.  My husband (then boyfriend took me to Fleet Feet for the first time and it was eye opening!)  I ran my first half marathon in those and I also started training for my first marathon in them.
The purple with lime green are my absolutely favorite, but sadly I noticed this morning on the treadmill they really are losing their tread. 

My sneakers remind me of the struggles, the awesome challenges, and most importantly my accomplishments.  They've literally been through it all.

I'm sure other runners can relate to this feeling.  How do you feel about your sneakers past and present?

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