Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Love

It's Friday!  Work has been crazy busy this week so the whole week has passed so quickly and I'm happy to be posting on this Friday with the weekend smiling ahead.
Ok, here are a few things that defined my week:
1. Got in an elliptical workout on Tuesday and sprints on the treadmill on Thursday.  My knees are not feeling fantastic (sad!) so I'm trying to be kind to them.  I might try to see a Physical Therapist next week.  Half marathon is coming up!
2. Went to a gardening store to check out potential planting ideas both for indoor and outdoor flowers and veggies!!!  It gets my crazy excited to think of growing my own veggies and eating them - yum!
3.  Husband and I did some organization in the cupboards/refrigerator.  Truly life changing when you know where things actually are in the cupboard.  I'm really bad in that I tend to just randomly put everything away after grocery shopping.  I appreciate having the organization.
4. Had two glorious tofu dishes - try this one!
5. Got my nails done (treat from my hubby - thank you!!)  I hadn't gotten them done in a long time and I wanted them to look nice and Spring like even though it definitely feels like winter out there...I'll bring the Spring!
Those are a few things about my week.  Tell me about yours! 
What's one thing about your week? 
As always, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Talk to you Monday :)


  1. I love gardening (wish I was better at it...) good luck with yours! There's something so wonderful about picking a tomato and eating it immediately. Can't get any fresher than that.

    I've had one of those weeks that just drag on and on. I think it's the yucky weather. But it's Friday now-- yay!!

    1. I have sooo much to learn as far as gardening, but I hope to learn lots. I love that freshness too! It's yucky weather here too...have a nice weekend!

  2. It is amazing how happy organization makes me feel! :)

    1. I know it! Going into the cupboard for breakfast this morning was SO much better because it was organized!

  3. Whoa! Be careful with those knees! I wonder if you should stay on low impact until you do see a physical therapist!
    That's great that you're going to start a garden. We had one about 2 years ago with romiaine lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers. The cucumbers and lettuce grew like crazy, but I planted the seeds for the carrots way to close togehter and just got carrot clumps! You've got to thin them out apparently! Have a fun weekend!!!:)

  4. Love getting my nails done, relaxing and a great feeling! Organizing feels great as well :)