Friday, April 26, 2013

Half Marathon Sunday

It's Friday!  And I'm taking a half day at work and then driving to visit my family for the weekend.  My husband is at a conference this weekend so he's already left town.  I'm getting a pedicure with my Mom this afternoon and then having a family dinner at my parents.  My brother and his girlfrend will be there, and my husband is meeting us after his conference - woo!

Then Saturday I'm getting my hair highlighted (I haven't since last July and it's about time for some spring highlights!) Then probably making homemade pasta at my mother-in-laws with my sister-in-law and nephew - carbo load!  I bet we'll be playing some cards as well.  Then it's time to go to bed kind of early because...

Sunday is my half marathonIt's already here!

Did training go as planned?  No.  Here's a look at my runs in case you missed them...
Will that stop me from giving this race my all?  Heck no.

I incorporated a bunch of long runs in there.  Two weeks ago I ran 10 miles and last Sunday I ran 6 miles.  I ran a slow 2 on Thursday and that's that.  I had to take 2 weeks off about a month ago, but that's how life goes.

Best of all, the forecast is calling for this:

Basically I just plan on having fun on Sunday.  I have no idea how fast I'll run with feeling a little low energy this week and recovering from my sore throat.  This will be my 3rd half marathon and I've never run this race.  My sister-in-law is running it as well and our family will be cheering (YAY for the support!) 

I truly know that adrenaline has the power to take me farther than I would have believed in past races...

1. Just enjoy running!
2. Thrive on the fact that I've made it to race day.
3. Be grateful just to be out there running.
4.  Run hard!

Those are my weekend plans.  I'll catch up with you on Monday to give you the "how the race went down" chat!

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Have a fabulous weekend with your family, and good luck on your half!! I am sure you will do great! :)

  2. Sounds like a VERY EXCITING weekend!! :-D Good luck girl! Kick butt & have FUN!!
    We have a 1st birthday party to attend on Sat. with the little man! :-) Definitely looking forward to seeing him interact with a room full of kiddos his age.

  3. Have fun this weekend! I love your goals for the race, so positive :)

  4. I am running my first half this weekend! I have my goal in my head and we will see how I do! My training as well went good except for the last little bit, I missed a few of the short ones, but it'll be okay!

  5. Drives me crazy I can't comment on my phone! :) Have a great time running your 13.1 miles! I'm doing a 10K race + running an extra 4 in preparation for my very first 1/2 in 4 weeks from yours. Good luck! Stay injury free!

  6. Good luck this weekend and have a wonderful time with all your loved ones <3

  7. Best of luck with your half marathon this weeeknd! Your gonna do amazing! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

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