Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moved In

Hello!  It's Sunday evening.  Man how the last few days have gone by! My husband and I have literally been working through the move like crazy the last 72 hours.  We are officially in our new house!!!  YAY!  Things are not entirely unpacked, but we have made huge progress.

I am now writing to you from here!

And I'd show you the rest of the room, but I'm sure you know what many piles of clothing that needs to be put away looks like ;)  My husband just finished building the master closet shelving so that is my next project.  I'm excited about this room because it also has the elliptical in it.  The only thing really organized so far in this room are my sandals which are really only taking shelter there temporarily... (is it time to wear them yet?!)

 It has been incredibly exhausting last few days, but absolutely worth it.  Being in our house after all the hard work is an amazing feeling.  Thursday & Friday were filled with packing up the apartment.  Jax was a great car trip buddy during the move.  Then he walked with his muddy paws on our brand new carpet which really isn't his fault, but ours.  Now that really made the house feel like home!

And then on Friday we moved all the big furniture over.  The rest of the weekend was filled with errands to the grocery store, Home Depot, Target, Home Depot again, and then organization of everything, but that will take some time.  I never realized how much STUFF we had until having to box it all up.  I truly had a thought before moving that "we really don't have that much stuff" was I wrong.  I've been able to clean out though and that is one of the best feelings.
Saturday was more organization.  We went on a walk in the new neighborhood and I made an afternoon latte - the first homemade one at the house!  Lots of laundry got done which is a really special thing coming from an apartment complex.  It's so completely wonderful to be able to do laundry in the comfort of our own home.  As you can see there are still boxes everywhere and oops I guess you do get to see the piles of clothes.  I promise though after I organize my clothes, the after picture will be fantastic.
And now it's Sunday and I'm making lentil stew and then plan to relax for the rest of the night.  It's a beautiful relief that the kitchen is all set up.  We have a cupboard for spices now which excites me.  All about the little things, right?

 One other update is I had my MRI on my knees last Thursday evening and nothing was wrong.  So happy about that!  That being said my knees still don't feel amazing so I have had to take it easy.  I haven't run this last week which has felt strange, but since my body already feels like I ran a marathon from moving, it was probably a good thing to take a rest.  Lots of elliptical workouts up ahead and I already really want to run the trails by our house so bad!

Goals for this week:

Macrobiotic Meals
A few runs
AND lots of organization in the house!
What's something you did over the weekend?  What is one goal of yours for this week?


  1. Good news that your knees look alright! I'm so excited for you to be in your new house -- I definitely don't underestimate how amazing it is to have a place to put just my spices! It makes life a million times easier. Good luck with your unpacking and organizing, that can get stressful!

  2. Congrats on being moved in!! How exciting!! :-D