Friday, April 12, 2013

My Shopping List

Happy Friday!  Almost the weekend. 

This weekend, we are finishing (or hoping to get close to) organizing stuff in the house, hanging up artwork and pictures, cleaning out the old apartment to be official done there, grocery shopping, cooking, walking Jax, and relaxing.  I'm sure there will be a trip or two to Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Oh yeah, and I want to get in a long run! 

A glimpse at my week...
I thought it might be fun to share my grocery list.  I know I've posted a few lists in the past, but it's nice to stay up-to-date.  This is what my shopping list looks like for this weekend.  It's based on what I already know I have in the cupboard/refrigerator.  We've got lots of beans already because I planned on making a chili over the weekend and I checked and found we have some rice and quinoa left, but besides that we need some goodies!


Millet, Whole oats, brown rice


Black beans, tofu, brown lentils


Kale, collard greens, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, daikon (I really want to try daikon - have you ever?  It looks like a white carrot based on what Google shows)


Apples, bananas, oranges

Grain products:

sprouted grain bread, brown rice noodles, mochi, brown rice krispies cereal (I will be posting about my terrific healthy rice krispy treats very soon!), granola bars of my husband's choosing for his lunches - he fell in love with these  whenever bars last weekend because my mother-in-law left a box after visiting, thank you!!  They aren't vegan (contain eggs), but they are gluten free and the ingredients look good - here's the link!

Nuts & Seeds:

Walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds

Fake Meat

faux chicken nuggets, faux meat crumbles, tofurky

Fake Dairy

Daiya shredded cheese, almond milk, rice milk, rice dream cookie pie (probably will eat that while walking around the store!)


Kukicha tea, roasted barley tea

hot salsa

Basically I buy organic fruits and veggies as much as possible.  The organic apples I've been getting have been so tasty - much better than the non-organic ones.  I always go organic on bananas, but I haven't seen organic oranges. 
That was last night's dinner (brown rice noodles with faux meat crumbles and no bake cookies with almond milk for dessert!) - gearing up for the long run!
 Do you grocery shop on the weekends?  What are your thoughts on organic vs. non-organic foods?

As always, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm excited for your healthy rice krispy treats! Those are one of the very, very few things I miss about not eating meat -- everytime I see them at work or at a party, I just get so sad! Stupid marshmallows.

    Where do you get millet? I searched all over my grocery store last week, and I couldn't find it. Does it normally require a fancier grocery store? (like a whole foods or trader joes? Yes. I consider those fancy grocery stores!)

    1. My grocery store is Wegmans and they have's just got an organic section but its not like a trader joes. You'll love these rice Krispy treats! Have a nice weekend :)

  2. Does your husband eat a meat free diet with you? I never serve my boyfriend faux meet because I feel like he would rebel against me! I make most of our soups and chili's vegan and he never complains.

    Good Luck getting everything done this weekend!

    1. My husband eats some meat (chicken and turkey and a burger here and there if we go out) but he will eat faux meat crumbles in pasta sauce. That being said he was vegan for 2 years before incorporatingmeat back in his diet. A huge majority of the food in our house is vegan. Maybe I should include what he eats when I'm talking about my strictly vegan meals? Hmm!

  3. I'd really like to know how you plan on relaxing with all those plans!

    I don't live in a town with a store, so I grocery shop after my long runs on Friday. I also get fruits and veggies as needed because I only buy what I know I'll eat and I like 'em fresh.

    Good luck with your weekend plans! Superwoman!

    1. Haha!! I swear relaxation will happen! Too funny. The weekend are too short to get everything done. Thank you and you have a nice weekend too!

  4. Hi Em, I wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying your blog since I have found it! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Come on over and see what it's all about!

  5. Your dinner looks so tasty! I just LOVE pasta :).