Monday, April 15, 2013

Serious Yums

Hello! Off to a new week we go... 

Yesterday I bought the below piece of art for the office wall which inspired the new layout for my site.  I wanted something that reflected less of the girlie side of me and possibly a little more mature looking.  I'm digging the cutting board backdrop.  It will be an ongoing process, but I'm happy with how it looks right now.  Tell me what you think, but don't be too harsh ;)

I've got to share with you some incredible vegan food my husband and I had over the weekend.  None of it was anything gourmet or really crazy special just simple goodiesSometimes those are the best.
We spent Saturday working really hard.  We had to finish cleaning the old apartment in the hope of now getting our full security deposit back.  We are officially done with the apartment now - yay!  There was a trip to Home Depot, T.J. Maxx and a lunch break at a vegan cafĂ© downtown.  The cupcake was my favorite part (see video below)...we totally felt we deserved some sweet treat after cleaning like crazyyyy...
And we practically ate the cupcake as fast as that video shows (my husband went and got another one...which I shared with him - no guilt involved!)  I'm always comparing cupcakes to the ones I make and I have to say this one was absolutely spectacular.  Like I wish I knew how they made that vegan cupcake so good.
Ok, on to the meal that happened before the cupcake.  My brain just jumps to dessert...
Appetizers:  Veggie soup and Sesame peanut salad
My meal:  "Chicken" Caesar Salad
Hubby's meal:  Tofurky Club (it was the winner)
My husband loves (as do I) the Tofurky Club at the cafe.  I try to mimic it at home and I get close, but there is something about someone else making it, that just makes it so freakin good.  And with the avocado in there...wowzers.  It's a huge portion and always a hit.  During the week we buy sprouted bread, tofurky, vegan cheese and bacon, and my husband takes sandwiches like that to work each day for lunch.  It's nice to copy restaurant food in home life.
  The sesame peanut salad was the favorite appetizer.  They are cold noodles and the sesame flavor just sings in your mouth.  And then of course that vegan cupcake...
I had not had a cupcake in a long time.  It was a definite sugar splurge, but one of those days where it was just fantastic to eat.  If you need a vegan cupcake recipe for an upcoming party, check out my cupcake recipes here!  I swear by them - they are SO GOOD.
Ok, then homemade quesadillas happened on Sunday.  That was my long run day (10 miles woowoo) so I was hungry all day. 
 That was my wonderful weekend food.  Now onto a week of happy clean eating!
How was your weekend?  Did you splurge on anything scrumptious this week?


  1. Ha Ha Ha, love the cupcake video! You and your husband are too cute for words!

  2. Sounds like a tasty weekend! I love the background you have now -- it looks mature, but still a little whimsical :)

    1. Thanks Kelly - that's totally what I was going for!!!

  3. I like the new layout! Especially the art that you put behind your new logo!

    1. Thank you! I'm loving that artwork too :)

  4. That cupcake, along with everything else, has my mouth watering!:)