Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Updates & My June Running Plan


Yesterday was my best friend's bridal shower so of course I have to show you the fantastic salad I got - strawberries, glazed walnuts, and field greens with an awesome role. 

And some bridal pictures as well because it was so beautiful, pink, and classy!
And then there was that grilled vegetable dinner at my Dad's retirement celebration!  Can you tell I had a good food day?
Now it's time for my June Running Plan!  In case you missed May, I'm breaking down my Marathon Training Plan (click her to see the full plan!) by month because I think it's much easier to manage that way and then I'm only looking at my goal of 4 weeks rather than until September.
This week marks 16 weeks until my marathon.  That's a pretty typical training period for a marathon.  I view my May Training as a warm-up for the real deal.
If you're planning a Marathon in September or during the fall season, now is the PERFECT time to join me in my training!  I would say my plan is not necessarily for beginners.  I've been running for a solid 4 years and used that as my base when designing this plan.

I think 26.2 miles is an intimidating distance, but I've made it through one marathon (painfully so) and I really want to do another and run the whole thing!

So here's my plan (click it to see it bigger - I'm not trying to make you squint).  As always, I'll keep you up-to-date as I run the actual miles.  Notice that I've added the Daily Mile widget over there on the right side of my page and a mile counter.  I started the count when training began on May 7th.  Now you can really see how I'm doing!

Are you training for any races right now?  How's your weekend?

Let me know if you decide to train!


  1. Love how you just run every other day, rest two and then have a long day. I think I could manage that plan!

  2. A good food day indeed-- the portobello at your dad's retirement dinner looks yummy-- and a pretty pink table setting at your friend's bridal shower! My weekend is going well, I'm visiting my mom and we are doing some fun things together, like going to the Detroit Skating Club's annual ice show (Jeremy Abbott!) and watching Downton Abbey together.