Thursday, July 18, 2013

Keeping Dinner Easy

It's Thursday!  And it's hot hot hot.  But I still plan on taking a walk on lunch today...
gotta get some of that sunshine!

Let's talk about delicious food and a simple dinner.  Last night I got home from work around 5:30pm with no dinner plans.  My husband had been working on our indoor garden (pictures to come soon!) so we both wanted to use what we had in the refrigerator and keep it simple.

What we used:

Watermelon (appetizer)
Tofurky Italian Sausage (for me)
Turkey Burger (for my husband)
Lots of Kale and Spinach + olive oil and garlic
2 Sweet Potatoes + olive oil and garlic

My husband chopped the garlic, sliced the sweet potatoes, and added that and olive oil to a freezer bag, and shook the bag to mix everything around.  It coated the sweet potatoes so wonderfully then he put those on a pan and into the oven for 25 minutes at 400.

With the residual olive oil and garlic in the bag, he added in the mass of greens to coat them.  They just hung out in the bag while I cooked the Tofurky sausage and turkey burger.

When everything was 5 minutes from being done, I put the greens in a wok to sautee them a bit.

Dinner was served.  Seriously the best sweet potatoes I've ever had.  I've loving this "mix it in a bag" method.

Ok, and then because it was insanely hot out, we went out to get ice cream.  YUM!  The pups joined for the ride, of course.

Big news - there is a Chipotle going in down the street from us which is such happiness because it's our favorite place to eat and we used to have to drive 25 minutes to get Chipotle.  I'm hoping it opens by Fall...woohoo!

It's almost's your week going?  What's been your simple dinner of the week?


  1. The first Chipotle in a 100 mile radius is about to open (about 20 minutes away). I am already dreading the super long lines I'm going to have to endure!

  2. Yay for Chipotle! That sounds a bit dangerous, though! ;)