Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rainy Day Run

Good morning! 
It's a rainy one here and looks like it's going to be for a good part of the day...Good thing the pups enjoyed time outside yesterday.
Last night my husband and I just relaxed with the pups, had quesadillas and fruit salad for dinner, and watched some of The Big Bang Theory - nice Monday night :)
 So I missed my wonderfully planned 14 mile run over the weekend.  I was beat after my Friday run in the heat, still fatigued on Saturday and then decided not to do the run Sunday.  Maybe my body needed a rest?  Sometimes the weather makes my sinuses crazy too which in turn makes the rest of me feel slightly blah.  Anyways!  I rested over the weekend and got back on track this morning with a 7 miler.

I woke up to rain, but since it's a challenge just getting up early enough to get in my runs before work, I didn't want to waste a day where I really had just popped out of bed easily.  Therefore, I ran in the rain and it was really fun.  My only concern was getting my iPhone wet (I use it to track my run), but I had my phone in my SPIbelt and a tee-shirt over that so it was all good.
I had only planned to run 6 miles, but then by the time I got back to my house I was at 6.7 miles and then I just had to go a little more to even it out.
Now I'm eating my Cheerios while writing to you =)  Have a nice Tuesday!
How's the weather by you?  What are your running/workout plans for the week?  


  1. Awesome run! That's the one concern I have about running in the rain too, is my phone. I also use Nike+ on my phone but it's on an arm band. I guess I'll just have to run in sleeves today.

    I've got plans for one last long run before my half marathon next week!

  2. The weather here has been amazing! I'm running 14 this week and I'm scared. Your body definitely needs rest and it's better to listen to it then to push too hard and hurt yourself. Awesome run today!

  3. The weather finally cooled off! So happy. 3.5 miles planned for tomorrow, 4 miles on Friday and 6 on Sunday. Let's see if I actually follow through on those ;)

  4. Hopefully the rain brought you some cooler weather for your runs! It was getting ridiculously hot around here!

  5. Big Bang Theory is my absolute favorite show of all time! That 6.7 miler you did was awesome with all those negative splits.