Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super Easy Quesadillas + 102 Miles of Marathon Training

Hey there!

During yesterday's early morning run, I hit my 100 mile mark of training for the marathon.  I've never kept track of the miles I've run before and this is the first time in training that I'm paying attention to my pace.  I used to jump on prior to my runs - create a course - and then run it.  I'd glance at the clock as I left and upon coming back and then estimate my pace.  But now I love knowing my pace.  I don't necessary like to know what mile I'm on (especially on longer runs) but knowing my pace gives me a good idea of where I stand that day.

Here's my Tuesday morning 5 miler.  Mile 1 was a 9 minute pace.  It was a comfortable run.  Well as comfortable it can be in 100% humidity.

On average I've been running about 12 miles a week, but I know that doesn't paint an accurate picture  really because there was a missed week or two and weeks with fewer runs and then weeks with several.  And those miles are about to soar...

The upcoming weekends go as follows:

13.1 mile run
14 mile run
16 mile run..

And then August really means business!  I can't wait to cover the distance.

Onto the quesadillas of Monday dinner! 

They are a go to meal each week because they are so easy and delicious.  I know I've posted about them in the past, but can you really get enough of them?

All you need is tortillas of your choice, organic black beans, brown rice, daiya, salsa, and any other toppings you love.  The combo of rice, black beans, and daiya has become my favorite combo for quesadillas - just can't beat it.  Well some guacamole on top would only make it better.

Do you keep track of your pace on your runs?  What's your favorite quesadilla ingredient?


  1. This is by far my favorite way to make a Ques... only I'll use a mexican blend for the cheese sometimes.

  2. I've never put rice in my quesadillas, but it sounds pretty amazing! Next time (once I figure out how to actually cook rice and not leave crispy bits)

  3. I used to use Then I purchased a fairly inexpensive Garmin Forerunner10. Knowing my pace during my run really helped me speed up. Congrats on 100 miles!

  4. I'm a "numbers" girl so I love tracking my runs every single time. Although, there is something to be said about going "naked" on a run and not worrying about it BUT I don't think those are allowed in marathon training ;-)

    Nice work on 100 miles- major!

  5. I LOVE that you put rice in your quesadilla! I have never thought to do that. I really need to try those Ezekiel tortillas, too! I LOVE their bread :).