Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Goals In Advance

Hi there!

I know it’s not fall yet, but it’s the perfect time to layout some of my goals as the fall season approaches.  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year - just check out my I love Autumn Pinterest Board =)
Goal #1 – Complete that Marathon on September 22!!!  I plan to then take a few weeks off running after the race depending how recovery goes and see what I feel like taking on from there.  There is a half marathon by me at the end of October I might pursue as well as a 15K at the beginning of October that I did last year and really enjoyed (largely for the country roads, the great long sleeve tech shirt and apple cider!).  I want to run lots this fall because I find autumn to be so peaceful and wonderful to be out in nature.  I love the smell of fall, the lattes, apple pie, pumpkin muffins, the cool air, everything about it. 

Last year's October 15K...My husband and I made the (now) funny decision to walk to the start line (when we could have taken a bus), it added a solid mile to our race, but at least there was beauty around us.
 And I want to run with the pups more.  I haven’t been taking them on my runs much this summer because they can only do around 2 miles, but this fall I want to run more with them weekly. 

This week I've done a 6.5 mile run on Tuesday, 7 miles Wednesday, and dare I tell you what I have planned for the weekend?  It's my last long run of this training plan and then it's time to taper - 20-22 miles planned for this weekend.  You bet you'll hear about this run.

Goal #2Use my Crockpot lots!  I have this wonderful book with hundreds of Crockpot recipes so there is no reason to not use it weekly.  It will especially make life easier for my husband and I coming home from work and then dinner will already be done.  Yes please!  So lookout for Crockpot recipes to come.
Goal #3 – Make a gluten-free/sugar-free apple pie.  My husband has been sticking to a gluten-free diet lately and we both want to avoid the (awful) white sugar so I want to find a delicious apple pie recipe that fits this criteria.  I think apple pie in the oven is just about the best smell come fall so this is a must.  Last year I made a great apple pie, but it had that white sugar, so there will be some experimenting...

Goal #4Stretch more and incorporate Pilates into my workout regimen.  I’ve got a killer Jillian Michaels Pilates video, now I just need to put it in the DVD player and make it happen. I’ll keep you posted.
Now it’s time to tell you about a goal that I accomplished already and (thank goodness) I don’t need to add it to this list:  I cleaned out my car!  Two Sunday's ago it just magically happened.  My husband and I pulled in the driveway and I noticed he grabbed the garbage bin so I thought “is he trying to hint at something?”.  I immediately went into clean-out-my-car mode and took all the clothes, magazines, empty coffee cups, shoes (found a pair of sandals I could have been wearing all summer to work!), cookbook, and junk out of my car, and then I vacuumed it.  I can officially announce that my car looks almost as good as it did 4 years ago when I bought it.  There’s still some stubborn dog hair though that refuses to be vacuumed up.  Anyways, it has made driving to work so much more enjoyable.  Dad, I hope you read this because I know you'll be proud (haha)!
There are a few of my goals for fall…

What’s one goal you hope to accomplish this autumn? 
Do we have any of the same goals?


  1. Fantastic goals! Love the pie one :) I'm on a mission to master the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookie! If I happen to make it vegan too it will be a major plus! I'm also hoping to run a pain-free 5k in my new running stride.

  2. I think I'm going to do that late Oct half your talking about. I want to break 1:50... It is supposed to be a nice flat run. And I can only imagine how pretty the leaves will be :)

  3. My goal for fall is to make and nom on as many pumpkin things as possible! It's one of my favorite flavors :)

  4. I am getting waaay too excited for fall! The weather is perfect, the food is amazing, and the trees are gorgeous! My goal is to not procrastinate while in college!

  5. How funny - we posted the same thing on the same day! Blog twins :).

    I also need to start running with my pup more. It's hard because he's much slower and can't do more than 3 miles, but he deserves a run, too! Great goal!

    Can you use brown sugar instead of white? I use Organic Cane Sugar in place of white sugar and I've never had an issue when I bake. An apple pie is totally on my list with some vanilla ice cream. C'mon fall!

    Can't wait to hear all about your marathon!

  6. Well I'm not really ready for summer to end, but all your pretty fall pictures have me getting a little excited about what's to come. :) It's exciting that your marathon is so soon! And I'm with you on needing to stretch more - that's my focus this week. Good luck with your run!

  7. The lattes during fall FOR SURE. Mmm, I can't wait!!!! I hope your long run goes good too!! And I really need to bust out my crockpot soon too. Will make life so much easier on long days at school, so feel free to share any of the winner recipes from the cookbook that you use ;)