Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And let the world spin madly on...

So back in college I was a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan.  I made it through season 4 I think and then when my favorite characters started leaving the show, I stopped watching, but I still watch past episodes while I’m cooking/baking or on the elliptical.  As obsessed as I was with the show itself, I was just as interested in the music.  For every episode I would download all the songs and listen to them like therapy.  I’m sure someone on the internet somewhere has compiled a list of all the music from the show.  The thing is I don’t really know the artists of any of the songs nor the titles, but I know the emotions I feel when I hear them.  Isn’t music so wonderfully powerful like that?  The title of my post is from one of those songs, so that’s what started this rant.

If you blog too then I’m sure you can understand how difficult it is to convey your whole self.  I keep the focus of my posts very positive for the most part because that’s what works for me.  I don’t share many details of my life because I created Love A Latte to focus on a certain parts of me – the plant-based diet following, latte loving, often a runner, macrobiotic diet embracing, dog loving aspects of me.

Pretty soon I’ll be coming up on a year of blogging where I’ve shared bits & pieces of my life with you.  It has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to what 2014 will bring.  I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to take this little space of mine.  I’ve had thoughts of ditching this format completely and starting fresh.  Don’t be surprised if I do something like that.  But at the same time I like a lot of what I’ve created so maybe I’ll just expand on what I’ve started.

I’m turning 27 in January too.  I know it’s not really a number of significance, but I have plans for 27.  I’ve always had plans – been a planner since I was little – but I’m really excited about these plans.  I’m so excited to start my Macrobiotic Counseling courses.  They start the week of my birthday.  I think that’s a great way to start 27.  Originally I had planned to run 27 miles on my birthday, but that probably won’t happen with the IT band injury I’m healing.  I could always run 2 and walk 7 or vice versa.

I’m sharing all this with you guys because I want your feedback.  Even if you’re a new reader, I’d love to hear your input.

What have you enjoyed about my blog over the last almost year?  What do you want to hear more about?  Have you liked the level of detail I’ve provided?  Do you want to know more or maybe you want to know less?

I’d love to hear everything you have to say!  I’ve got a vision of where I want to take this space of mine and hearing back from you would help so much…  


  1. I have only been reading for the past few month, but I have enjoyed your passion in your interests and also your casual humor and interesting style.

    I think that the most important thing is you feel happy with what you are sharing and writing about - the rest will follow from there. Over-sharing and over-self-censoring will come through either by making you uncomfortable or your readers ... but from what you've said that doesn't seem like your style anyway.

    Good luck in your 27th year - it is a great time to explore and take risks and dream big. I think it is great you are following your passion and taking those classes. I hope that goes well for you - it will certainly give you more stuff to write about.

    And if you decide to totally change things up, why not? It is all about what works for YOU, after all!

  2. I have pondered changing my blog as well. Perhaps when you get more into your schooling you will want to change it. I love reading your blog. And I admire your dedication to a healthy clean diet. Perhaps I'll be your first client! Next year sounds like a great year! I'm a firm believe that do what makes you happy.

    Have a great night :)

    1. Thanks so much, Reba! I love reading your blog as well. I am a believer in doing what makes you happy too =) I would love to share my knowledge (once I learn much more haha!) next year with you! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  3. Honestly, there isn't one particular thing I love more than another about your blog. I think you just need to continue following your heart, and blog about what you find important & worth sharing. No matter where you take this space - I'll always be a reader!

  4. I think it is normal for our blogs to change content some, I mean we change so it only makes sense for things to change some around the blog as well!
    I read a big spectrum of blogs with all different content so I cant really say what i like more or less on here, i just like seeing/hearing about other people's lives! Not in a nosey way or anything, it is just fun to see and hear other people's inspiration and how they do things!

  5. I love learning about your journey in food and discovering what diet works for you. I'd also love to learn more about you :) I think your little space is beautiful but I understand wanting a makeover. I'm in the process now. Sometimes when you want to take something in a new direction you need a tangible change. At least that's how I feel about my blog. Also because it's relevant to me I like hearing how people are coping with injuries.

  6. I definitely like the aspects of your blog that you share now, but I totally have that feeling of wanting change as well. I told my hubby that I want to at least pay to get a good blog theme so that I have a little more flexibility with the appearance of it (I'm huge into looks haha).

    I started following off the Grey's train when Lexi died. I was so shocked and had NO idea that she was ending her contract with Grey's. I stopped watching about halfway through last season, but part of me still wants to get caught up. It was just SO much better when it first started, and I can relate to you on the songs. I have SO many Grey's song that are just so amazing!!