Thursday, October 24, 2013

Following My Passion (News!) and Dinner On A Cold Fall Night

Hi there!

Do you ever find that the simplest dinners are the most delicious?  While not always the case, sometimes it is.  Last night all I wanted was a hot pasta dish.  It was cold and raining as I was coming home from work and that sounded best.  Enter Tinkyada Rice Pasta (wheat free & gluten-free).  I love the brown rice penne.  Literally just made of brown rice.  That’s it!  I love it because I don’t feel that heaviness that often comes with an Italian meal after eating it.  The only other ingredients I needed was a can of organic diced tomatoes and a bag of spinach.  I cooked the pasta until it was almost done then mixed it together with the diced tomatoes on medium-high heat.  Once that was hot, I stirred in the spinach until it was cooked.  And I used some vegan sprinkle cheese!  Great healthy quick dinner in my mind.

Tonight I plan on using up the butternut squash I have in the fridge.  Wegmans has on their website one of my favorite recipes:  Butternut Squash with Baby Spinach (and cranberries).  It’s a great Thanksgiving dish as well.  I will make sure to share it soon.

Onto my news!  I’m making the jump into a major interest of mine.  It was something I thought about doing a year ago, but the timing just wasn’t right.  Starting in January, I’m planning to further my learning in Macrobiotics.  I’m going to get educated to become a Macrobiotic Counselor!  The program is one-year long, online, and meant for busy people.  I work fulltime so I needed something that fits into that schedule.  I’m beyond excited!  I can’t wait for everything I’m going to learn about the Macrobiotic Diet, nutrition, diagnosis, home remedies.  In a way it’s really good that it didn’t work out last year because I’ve taken 2013 to experiment on my own with Macrobiotics, but now I’ll actually get a formal education.  I think it’s really important to follow the things you love in life and this is me taking that step.  Again, my studies do not start until January so I’ve got some time, but I figured I’d share with you guys because you’re always so supportive.

This weekend looks rainy and cold here.  Oh well, that’s autumn.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

What’s a passion of yours you’d like to follow?  Are you a fan of butternut squash?


  1. Good for you on pursuing your dreams!! Good luck!

  2. Definitely congrats to you on being able to chase this dream!

    As for me, becoming a marathoner at 46 was a dream I never knew I had :) Would love to make more of my hobbies around music and writing ... but I have time. Right now we are more focused on making our kids' dreams come true ...

  3. That's awesome! I bet it feels rewarding to finally take that leap into something you love!

  4. Acorn is DEFINITELY my squash of choice...especially when stuffed with baked apples/raisins/nuts. Oh...heaven! I could eat half of one for lunch pretty much every day (although they're not so readily available and cheap out in Southeast Asia!).

    I'm lucky enough to have made the switch from what I thought was my passion (science) to what really IS my passion (fitness/running). Hoping to keep some science & science advocacy/education in my life, but definitely loving the chance to share my passion for fitness and help others chance their lives (sounds corny, but it's true!). It's been a scary, but good, road over the past year - and hopefully there will be lots of new adventures/opportunities in 2014! Good luck on YOUR new journey!

  5. I am so so soooo proud of you! I know what a challenging decision it is to undertake something like this when your schedule is all packed because I'm doing the same thing! More details to come. Alls to say I think you're going to make the BEST macrobiotic counselor :)

  6. Funny you should ask those two questions together -- butternut squash is one of my passions ;-) Congrats and GL on pushing forward with something you love!

  7. Always pursue your dreams when you can <3 Can't wait to follow along with you & continue hearing how it goes!

  8. I'm a huge fan of butternut squash. I like to bake it up soft and lovely, scrape the seeds, peel the skin, and use it in soup. Saute some vegies of your choice, add seasonings of your choice, then add some water and chunks of squash. Take half and puree in blender then add back to the stock. Blend the whole pot if you want a total creamy lovliness. Make sure to add ginger, cinnamon and dash of cardamom/clove for that warm autumn taste. This recipe is just my basic process for all soups I make from scratch and I morph it as needed and depending what I have on hand. I add kelp flakes to all my food these days, miso also can be added per bowl when you're ready to serve, garnished with cilantro or mint or cinnamon stick, whatever your desire or mood. Peace.