Monday, October 7, 2013

Pancakes and Dog Walks


My weekend was all about doing nothing, but at the same time we actually ended being very productive.  We cleaned the house, did tons of laundry, went to the grocery store, and rested.  I had terrible sinus pain on Saturday – felt like two bricks were sitting on my cheeks so I napped, which is a crazy thing for me because normally once I’m up in the morning there’s no sleeping until that night.  I’m typically not very good at napping, but this weekend I took full advantage.  I was getting over being sick all last week so I really took this weekend to get back to feeling like me.  This morning I woke up feeling significantly better.  Thank goodness.

Have I mentioned how much I love walking the pups in fall?  Everything is just so gorgeous.  I hadn’t taken any pictures of fall yet so this morning I got at it.  I made the dogs stop and pose.  Good thing I know they love me so much.  Look at Jax’s expression in this picture though.  You can just tell he’s saying “Are you serious?  We’re stopping again?”.  It was oddly warm this morning too.

Do you ever get hooked on a particular food?  For me, it’s been pancakes lately.  I had them for dinner Saturday night, breakfast Sunday morning, and breakfast this morning.  I’ve gotten in the habit of using gluten-free flour and this morning I used part hazelnut flour as well.  I think I’ve had my pancake fill at least for the week though.  Another delicious thing from the weekend – Newman’s Hint-O-Mint O’s.  I like to drop a few in a glass of almond milk and let them get a little mushy.

I haven’t talked about running lately.  I’m on a sort of hiatus.  I’m healing my IT band and just getting over this wicked cold.  Basically, I’m just letting my body rest right now, but am looking forward to getting back out there!  This racing season did not go as planned, but that’s ok.  I’ve completely settled on that fact and I know there will be many races in the future.

I still need to get a pumpkin (got to toast some pumpkin seeds!) and definitely need to make another apple crisp…

Did you do any fall-like things this weekend?  Do you like to carve pumpkins?


  1. I just made apple crisp last night after we stocked up massively on apples this past weekend. I'm ready for pumpkin season. Bring on it in the oats!!

  2. Hazelnut flour in pancakes sounds AMAZING! Maybe with some chocolate chips, mmm.

  3. Love those sweet pup pics! I totally get hooked on one food and eat it all the time. I'm like that with PB&J, avocados and eggs.
    Rest up...I'm there there are a ton of races with your name on it.

  4. Do I EVER get hooked on certain foods? I've been hooked on pancakes for years...i thought one day I might get over them but that day has yet to come! Love the pics :)

  5. I found your blog on Sara's Loving on the run. I hope you feel better soon! I love making pumpkin pie from scratch!!!! I like to roast pumpkin seeds too!!! Yum!!

  6. I LIKE your cookie eating style, girl! Dropping them in milk? Yup, that's awesome.

    I'm on a running hiatus too. Didn't get to run my half marathon, but like you...I've settled on that being okay. We'll be out there again before we know it!

  7. Your pups are so sweet! I'm sure they are enjoying all the fall walks too. Hope you start feeling better!