Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Sunday Vegan Shopping Trip

How's your first weekend in November going?  I've been writing down my something I'm thankful for each day.  And working on my reading list.  In my notebook yesterday, I wrote how I was so thankful that my two dogs get along.  My husband and I went to the dog park with them Saturday morning and Jax was playing with a husky pup.  At one point it got a little rough and Lincoln ran over and barked a little - essentially protecting his brother.  It was incredibly cute and heartwarming to see.  
Yes, that's wrapping paper!  We are officially halfway done with our Christmas shopping and I want to wrap the presents because they look so pretty all piled up together.  I know for many it may be early, but not in our family.  We like to start early.  I get into gear with the holidays once November hits.  So fun that way!   
And look what was out on the shelves when I was grocery shopping this morning...I resisted.  I definitely will be getting that soon though.  Come December, for sure.

And later while figuring out meals for the week - because that's generally what I use Sunday for - I did some organization.  Reuse your glass jars!  I tend to accumulate pasta sauce jars and brown rice syrup jars, both of which work fantastic for storing beans, grains, and seeds (below from left to right:  whole oats, pinto beans, whole wheat flour, sunflower seeds, and brown lentils).
Two things on the menu in my house this week are Hearty Pinto Bean Stew and Sweet Potato Lentil Stew.  Especially now that the weather is cold, I love making big batches of stews.  It makes lunch at work easy (and delicious) and great dinners when we need something quick.  I've got brown rice soaking as well as the pinto beans to cook up later tonight (both of which I generally soak overnight, but it's going to be a solid 7 hours before I need to cook them anyways). 
We are off to Barnes and Noble now where I plan to read The Food Revolution by John Robbins and of course get a Venti Peppermint Tea.  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
What's on your menu this week? 


  1. Looks like a fabulous haul of groceries! Last night we had lentil soup with mushrooms & spinach.

    Have a great Monday,

    1. Sounds delicious! You have a great day too =)

  2. Since you're halfway done with your christmas shopping want to help me with mine?!?! My least favourite activity!