Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Birthday Weekend and Lots of Amazing Vegan Food


I'm coming off a glorious four day weekend.  Wow, that was awesome.  And it's crazy cold this morning.  Luckily I had my new fleece turtle neck to wear under my coat in an attempt to stay warm while walking the dogs this morning.  They lasted about 10 minutes and then they too wanted to come in.
  I'm not sure the last time I had four days off from work, and plus the fact that Friday was my birthday, makes for a pretty fantastic weekend of celebrating.  I also did a lot of eating, cooking, and much needed relaxing.  Our new kitchen floor is officially in so we had all our family over because it was the first time in a while that we could function in our kitchen and living area.  And the floor looks so pretty!  Thank you ceramic tile.

I have about a million food pictures to share, but I'll just include the highlights.  Friday night, for my birthday, my husband and I went out and ordered two glorious vegan pizzas.  We truly thought that each of us would eat 6 slices, so we ordered two pizzas.  Now I can put down a lot of food and I could only eat two slices!  So lots of hot "chicken" wing pizza and pesto pizza is sitting in my freezer.  I love leftovers.

Speaking of leftovers.  I made about a bucket of Mac & Cheese on Saturday morning.  I never knew vegan Mac & Cheese could be so absolutely delicious.  And then there was the rice noodle and broccoli stir fry for a late lunch.

Of course I also made cupcakes for when family was coming to visit....

And then that new pasta bake for yesterday - the tofu made a spectacular ricotta-like mixture .  

And my sister-in-law made the most delicious chocolate chip cookies I've ever had.  Totally was stuffing my face and forgot to take pictures of those. She also left us with a healthy (huge) portion of her incredible squash curry and tofu dish that I literally could live off of.   

Have I talked enough about food today?  Sometimes you just have really good food weekends though and they are worth sharing!

How was your weekend?  

Are you loving carb heavy food as much as me in this cold weather?


  1. glad you had a great birthday! You should get your sister-in-law's squash curry recipe and post it, that sounds delicious!

  2. I love all the carbs always ;) Glad you had a nice birthday!!!

  3. Glad you had a nice birthday !
    All that food looks really delicious!

  4. weekends I am always extra carb heavy!

  5. First of all how did you get that icing to look so good on your cupcakes? Second of all glad you had a nice long weekend. How much snow did you get this week? I'm down in Mexico, dont hate me:) Happy BDay!!!

    1. I have special tips to make the frosting pretty! It's so much fun too! Mexico - jealous!!! It's ridiculously freeeeeezinggggggg here!