Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Day in Food (Vegan)

Hey there!

I've got another typical food day for you today.  I'm 15 weeks pregnant and thoroughly enjoying food again.  My body has been craving healthy food too which makes me very happy!  I've really been wanting fruit more and my sweet tooth for sweets has faded. 

I basically eat my way through the workday.  Every 2-3 hours I eat because I just feel better that way.

Breakfast:  Two whole wheat pieces of toast - one topped with peanut butter and the other Tofutti and jelly.  If the toast looks a little burnt, it's because that's how I like it!

 Snack:  Saltine crackers with hummus.  Amazing at 10AM.

Lunch:  Mixed veggie and fried tofu in a garlic sauce over white rice.  I normally stick to brown, it was a splurge.

Snack #2:  Apple

 Dinner:  Whole wheat organic noodles in sauce with baby spinach on the side

Half eaten at this point!
 The makings...

Dessert:  So Delicious coconut milk ice cream with melted peanut butter on top - so ridiculously good!

I also drink plenty of water throughout the day.  These days, that's all I drink.

I'd say that's a pretty great food day.  

What's your favorite food for snacking?


  1. I like my toast (and most of my food, actually) a little burnt. Looks like a healthy and delicious day of eating!

  2. I'm a burnt toast kinda girl too! Lately Ive been going crazy for energy balls and for a salty snack I've been digging mary's gone crackers!

  3. We need a day together to just eat and talk!!! haha but I do have to go against the burnt toast, so if I ever burn mine by accident, at least I know who to send it to ;)

    1. I know!!! I love your blog and your perspective on a vegan lifestyle is so awesome and admirable! I'm totally going back through your posts about what you feed Nia when the time comes for our little one! And I will take all your burnt toast haha!