Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Six Foods I Eat Every Week

Hey there!

I have absolutely noticed an increase in my hunger levels this week.  Basically every two hours, if not sooner, I'm hungry for something.  Therefore, lots of snacking to get me through the day.  I think we all have foods that we eat every week without fail.   I'll get on a kick with certain foods and have it for weeks at a time, but the foods listed below are foods I absolutely have every week, if not multiple times a week.  In fact I love these foods so much I can't imagine a week without them. In no particular order, here they are...

black beans

My husband and I eat black beans like it's our job.  They definitely fall into at least one (sometimes up to three) meals each week.  My favorite recipe with black beans:  these quesadillas.  You truly cannot go wrong if you've got tortillas, daiya, black beans, and rice in the house.  

brown rice

Speaking of brown rice, that too makes a major appearance in our house each week.  It goes with close to every meal.  Those quesadillas I talked about, stir fries, salads, wraps, you name it.  Coming from my macrobiotic perspective, brown rice is an absolute super food and I wouldn't go a week without it.  Also, I don't cook fresh rice every day.  It keeps in the refrigerator for a few days, so we generally cook up a large batch and then use it for the next two days.      

sweet potatoes

 Oh they are so glorious.   By now you've probably heard me mention my favorite sesame tofu meal that goes with a pile of baked sweet potatoes.  We eat them all winter long and then make lots of fries with them come summer.  They pair so perfectly with a veggie burger or dog.  I'll even just eat a sweet potato with earth balance and cinnamon for dessert.   


 Kale has become my new favorite green leaf.  It's so nutritious and really I'd take it over spinach.  My husband grows buckets of kale and it's wonderful eating it fresh (like really fresh straight out of the garden).  It truly tastes better than store bought, but really I love kale.  It makes me feel good.  We often saute it in olive oil with garlic and eat it along side dinner.  Kale makes any dinner healthier and happier.

sprouted grain bread 

My go to breakfast is sprouted grain bread - I like this brand.  There are weeks where I have two slices of toast every morning for breakfast.  My favorite toppings include peanut butter, almond butter, Tofutti cream cheese, jelly, and earth balance.  Depending on my craving, I change it up.  Also, a super simple meal is a grilled cheese made with sprouted grain bread and daiya.  And then with homemade sweet potato fries and a side of kale, you've got a wonderful lunch/dinner there.

 noodles (rice, udon, soba or whole wheat)

Udon noodles with broccoli in thai peanut sauce

Last, but certainly not least, are noodles.  If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you've definitely seen pictures of my meals involving noodles.  I just love them!  Noodle stir fries with a pile of veggies and tofu are my favorite, but a nice Italian dinner of whole wheat spaghetti with Field Roast sausages is also so comforting, especially over this freezing winter we've had.  Noodles are easy and filling.  I stick to organic.  On a busy workday, it's almost effortless putting together a quick noodle stir fry.  Makes life easy and my stomach happy.

Soba noodles with faux chicken and veggies in spicey orange sauce
So there you have it, six foods I eat every week.

What are some foods you eat every week?  What's your favorite from my list?


  1. For a loonnnggg time we avoided dinners with rice because I suck at making it! Luckily, Josh bought me a nice rice cooker for Valentine's day. We finally used it for the first time over the weekend and now rice has made a daily appearance in our dinners (and his lunches!)

    1. Rice is so funny like that! I think it depends on the pan and your stove a lot too. Rice makers make life much easier for sure!

  2. You and me both...except for the noodles. Maybe I need to start making those a weekly occurance!

    1. I'm sure my noodle consumption will go down this summer, but with the freezing weather I just love them!

  3. I never go a day really without eating Ezekiel sprouted grain bread. I live thier english muffins. I need to be eating more Kale. My bf just recently decided that he liked it , which shocks me because he used to only eat iceburg lettace.