Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 31 Weeks


Another week that flew by and it was a busy one.  Baby boy's movements are much stronger now and especially at night I've noticed that he really gets moving.  One night my husband and I were talking to him and he was bouncing around like crazy.  Making us laugh already!

Weight:  20 pounds gained! 

I also found this chart on where the weight goes to be interesting.  That extra weight is doing good stuff for baby boy.

 Body:  Heartburn is still my biggest negative symptom.  Just need to get some Tums and hopefully that will help.  I'm feeling a little bit more tired lately.  Definitely know when I need to take it easy.  On Saturday we hiked a few miles with the dogs, which felt fantastic, but I was tired the next day.  That probably had something to do with the fact that we put new mulch in all our gardens as well.  My husband did all the heavy lifting, I just sat in the garden and helped spread out the mulch.  I took it much easier on Sunday and put my feet up.

Also, I've had some moments of feeling nauseous again.  Almost felt like I was back in the first trimester.  Nothing too terrible, but once again food didn't sound appetizing.     

Cravings:  Food isn't as appealing as it used to be.  I still love to eat, but sometimes something that I normally love just doesn't taste as thrilling.  However, this Tofurky club on Saturday was a huge hit.  Along with this meal, my husband and I also split a peanut noodle salad, red lentil kale soup, and finished it all off with a vanilla cupcake and mint chocolate milkshake.  All vegan deliciousness.

Sleep:  I'm certainly tired and ready for it!  It's been pretty good, but still tossing and turning.  I know that will continue.  I can't seem to sleep in anymore either.

Best Moments:

I had my work baby shower which was so nice.  My law firm was so generous.  I think we are officially all set with the essentials that we need or close to it.  Of course I know there will be things that we haven't thought of that will come up, but we'll learn as we go.   It's a very nice feeling though to at least feel prepared with sleeping arrangement, car seat, diapers, wipes, clothes, bath stuff...and of course lots of love for our baby boy!

My friend gave me that adorable stool!
Saturday morning we were all up early.   My husband planted lots of sunflowers while I supervised with the dogs.  I wasn't much help this year, but provided moral support.  He's really the one with the green thumb anyways.  I think we have more than 100 sunflowers planted so far, although maybe even more at this point!

Also on Saturday, my husband and I did our big Babies R Us shopping trip!  We got our jogger that comes with an infant car seat, bouncer, cloth diapers, some disposable diapers, bottles...basically we finished getting all the essentials we felt we needed.  Last things we plan to get include a mattress cover and possibly a bassinet.  Gift cards were a huge help on this shopping trip and we are so grateful!

Cart of Fun!

Goals:  Get our baby boy's room officially all set up, pack hospital bag, stock up the freezer... these are all ongoing goals.  And of course just enjoy this final stretch of pregnancy.  

Doesn't our newly mulched garden look pretty?

 With nine weeks to go it feels like such a short amount of time and forever at the same time.  Just enjoying the journey one day at a time!


  1. you are glowing! You've got one lucky boy coming ;)

    1. Thanks Davida! That's so sweet of you :)

  2. Wow, so exciting! You seem to be doing so great. I'm curious, did you have cases of bad heartburn before you were pregnant? I have pretty bad heartburn at times now and I'm wondering if it just gets worse during pregnancy if you already have it. That sounds awful! Tums should definitely help! Or maybe even some pepto?

    Your yard looks lovely!

    1. Before getting pregnant I rarely had any heartburn, so this is totally new to me! Who knows, maybe your heartburn would get better! Tums definitely help now.