Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pregnancy Thoughts

 Hey hey hey!

How's your summer going?  Is it really already nearing the end of June?  Holy cow.  

I was reading my posts from last June because it's really fun to reflect, and my how life has changed.  Last June consisted of a lot of running as I was in the midst of marathon training and a lot of Starbucks to keep me going through the workday.  This June has consisted of a lot of eating (providing for growing baby) and a lot of getting life organized.  By that I mean preparing ourselves as much as we can for baby boy who is due mid August.  I realize my blog has very much solely focused on pregnancy for the last six months.  I'll return with runs, lattes, and vegan eats eventually, but pregnancy is my biggest focus right now, so it just makes sense.

Last night we had our Baby Care class.  Between the birthing classes, breastfeeding class, and last night's class, I feel like I have gained a wealth of information.  Of course nothing will be like what I will learn when our baby boy is actually here in our arms, but I'm really glad to have taken the classes.  I officially learned how to swaddle our baby last night, take his temperature, how to give me a sponge bath, and a lot of other things over the two hours.  Even though some of the stuff seemed like common sense and some of it was a review from what we had learned in our birthing class, I'm all for hearing it again.  Only sinks deeper into my memory that way.

At 32 weeks, I've got items listed in my mind that I want to accomplish in the next month.  Ideally all these things will be done in the next month so that the final weeks are just about relaxing and waiting for our baby boy's arrival.  

I want to: 

*Get the nursery entirely setup as serious organization is in order right now.

*Put the wall decorations up.  My husband and I have cute plans for that!

*Put the carseat in my husband's car.

*Clean the house.  OK, this is really more a weekly thing, but I really think it would be nice to come home from the hospital with our baby boy to a really clean house.  Having two wonderfully furry dogs calls for constant vacuuming.

*Stock up the freezer a bit.

*Pack our hospital bag.

Here's what I plan to pack in our hospital bag soon.  Please let me know if I've missed anything that you think is important!

*Wallet - money, credit card, insurance information

*Robe/flip flops and hangout clothes (tank top, tee-shirt, capris, sweatshirt)

*Toiletries for shower and also toothbrush/toothpaste, brush, hair ties, deodorant

*Extra contacts/glasses

*Snacks including granola bars, trail mix, wheat bread, peanut butter, candies, Gatorade

*cell phone and charger

*iPad and charger, music, magazines, cards

*Going home outfit for baby (2) and receiving blanket

*Going home outfit for me

*Clothes for my husband

Can you tell I have baby on the brain?  I hope your summer is going fantastically! 

What are you up to this summer?


  1. I would also say BYOP (bring your own pillow haha). And, a small bottle of wine to have once he arrives :D

  2. Thanks Char! I will definitely add pillow to the list!

  3. I love hearing your preggy thoughts :) Isn't it crazy how much can change in a year? I was just thinking that myself the other day.

    I know I am going to be just like you and have all these same desires when I'm pregnant. I love being organized! I hope you can get it there before little boy comes!

    1. Thanks Melissa! It is totally crazy how much changes in a year. I love being organized too, but I never feel like I'm organized enough haha :)

  4. How crazy exciting! I've had babies heavily on my mind lately so reading about your pregnancy is really refreshing. Lots to do, but you seem like a determined gal :)