Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Family Visit and Some Plans

Hey hey hey!  

It's that time of night again. Sage is asleep on my chest and it's the perfect time for me to write a post on my phone. I realized today that the formatting (of pictures in particular) shows up really wonky on my website when I post from my phone, so I apologize for that. When I get a chance I will correct it from the big computer. 

Because of Sage's reflux, after every feeding we have to hold him up for a little while to keep him from spitting up and to help him digest.  We've then been trying to transition him to the Rock n' Play so that he can sleep for a while (and I can try to get some sleep) before the next feeding.  I really adore this time with him and if sleep was not a requirement for my body (like if I were a vampire), I'd have him sleep on me more.

Today has been a very good day.  My mom arrived this morning and was a big help.  She made our kitchen sparkle.  We had lunch together, baked chocolate chip cookies, and spent lots of time looking at baby Sage as he slept the whole morning.  My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her partner, and my nephew showed up a few hours later.  Sage was awake the whole time that they were here!  It was so nice to see family and have them spend time with our little guy.

I've been thinking about how I really want to appreciate and take advantage of this time I have off from work during my maternity leave.  I've worked full-time since I graduated college five years ago and aside from my honeymoon two years ago I've never taken any length of time off. It feels really special to have this opportunity to be with my baby boy.  

I started reading this book.  The part that interests me is about the "fourth trimester" which is essentially us mamas imitating the womb for the few first months of our babies lives.  It states, "...we should treat them like little kangaroos! Kangaroos "know" their babies need a few more months of TLC before they're ready to get hoppin', so they welcome them into the pouch the moment they're born. Likewise, we need to offer our sweet newborns "pouches" of prolonged holding, rocking, shushing, and warmth. If you do this you'll be amazed."  To me, this makes perfect sense.

So what are some goals of mine?  The biggest thing is of course to provide for Sage.  I hope to eventually develop more of a sleep routine once I don't need to wake him up so frequently for feedings in the night.  Once he gains a little bit more weight, I want to wear him in the moby wrap (this goes along with the holding above) and start going for walks, and then use the jogger stroller as well.  And the jogger stroller will lead me to running again!

I have officially taken a year off from running.  I finished my marathon training in August 2013, got injured, and then found out I was pregnant.  Running just wasn't in the plans during my pregnancy.  I'm really excited to get back into it.  I actually thought of running today and then I remembered how sleep deprived I am and that it's probably best that I take this first month to recover and get my energy back, especially because it has been a year since I've trained.

Exploring new recipes is in the plans as well.  I know when I do go back to work meal planning and keeping the house tidy is going to become even more of a challenge, so it would be nice to get a strong handle on things while I am home.

I should probably try to get a little bit of sleep now.  Let's see if baby boy agrees...

What is a current goal of yours?

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