Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 39 Weeks


39 week update here!  I can't believe I'm 39 weeks.  However, I found out at my doctor's appointment yesterday that my due date is actually this Friday, as in two days from now.  In the beginning there were two dates they mentioned as due dates and I guess now they are going with the earlier one. I'm practically 40 weeks!  Baby boy is welcome anytime now.  I keep wondering how I'll go into labor.  If I'll start to feel contractions or my water will break.  Will I be at work?  Will it be the middle of night?  Will I have to be induced?  I guess only time will tell...

Weight:  Gained 27.5 pounds.  Weight hasn't changed in the last two weeks.

 Body:  Overall, I felt much better this week than week 38.  The one symptom I noticed this week was my skin felt itchy.  Not severely so, but enough that I took notice.  I told my doctor and they ran some blood tests just to be sure all was well.  All the test came back great, just waiting on the one that takes a few days, but my doctor wasn't concerned.

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday because it's my due date and they'll really start to monitor me at this point.  I have another sonogram and a full checkup.   

Sleep:  Not too bad.  Better than last week.  I'm still up for random hours during the night, but I've been sleeping pretty decent.  I'm tired everyday though.

Hubby made a favorite on Friday night - sesame tofu over sweet potato, kale, and brown rice

Cravings:  I'm back to eating cereal for breakfast.  It's been months since I've wanted cereal.  I attempted (and succeeded) at making one of my absolute favorite meals over the weekend.  My sister-in-law introduced me to it and it's ridiculously delicious.  It's a curry dish with tofu and squash.  It involves lots of curry paste/powder, cumin, coconut milk, some peanut butter, a whole butternut squash and tofu, all served over a pile of white rice.  At first it didn't taste quite right, but the longer it cooked, the better it got.  And the leftovers tasted even better.  My sister-in-law is a genius because really this meal is out of this world delicious.  On a side note, I made the meal in the midst of dealing with our house crisis (more below on that) and it was a delicious distraction!

Squash and tofu curry dish!  The picture does not do the dish justice whatsoever.
Life Happenings:  Oh it was an interesting weekend.  On a happy note, my husband and I went out for a breakfast date Saturday morning and then went to the movies and saw Get On Up at lunchtime.  We stopped and got one more cloth diaper on the way back home because I had a coupon then we grocery shopped so the refrigerator and cupboards are full of the goods.  

Once we got home, that's when things got interesting.  There was a puddle of water in front of the back window and on the window sill.  There are had definitely been a storm while we were in the theaters.  We quickly discovered that same puddle of water was also in front of the window and on the window sill of our lower level.  My husband checked out the roof and saw that a large branch had hit it.  Uh oh... 

To make a long story short, the branch made a fist size hole in our roof and has caused us water damage on both our upper and lower level.  We're in the middle of dealing with our insurance company to get things repaired, but it's going to be a process.  

I know that the work will get done, but it's going to take time.  Baby boy could come any day at this point so I'm not sure that the work will get done before he arrives.  And I'm making myself be OK with that.  I'm just keeping a smile on my face because I know we will get through this, it's just a pain in the butt. 

It was our anniversary yesterday!  We were going to go out to dinner, but with the upstairs wall being torn up, we needed to be home, and both of us were beat.  We ordered Chinese instead and watched Crazy, Stupid, Love.  It was a wonderfully relaxing night together.

Goals:  Enjoy these last moments (minutes/days/weeks?!) of pregnancy!!!  The car seat is officially in the car.  We're ready to go.  I'm just going to try really hard to be patient.

 We can't wait to meet you baby boy!  


  1. Wow! You're almost there :) Sorry to hear about your roof -- you guys seem to be having bad luck with your house! But at least you have insurance