Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sage: Month Three Baby Update

Hi there!

Time for Sage's three month update.  Three whole months - wow!!  This has been such a fun month.

Sage has developed so much and become much more interactive.  Like a little person!  He's growing fast too.  We are quickly moving out of three month clothes and solidly into the six months.  Every month is special in it's own way, but this one has been a blast.  He's just so fun with his chatting, smiling, giggling (daddy really gets him laughing!) and happy personality (except if tired or hungry!).  

Likes:  Blankets, blankets, blankets!  Sage LOVES cuddling with a blanket, moving it with his hands, and feeling how soft it is.  The little lightweight swaddle blankets are perfect for him.

He's not a pacifier baby, but a blanket soothes him. Sage loves his mommy and daddy's attention most and has such fun communicating through smiles, giggling, kicking... Sage's favorite toy is his ladybug which he stares at and grabs.  His green reclined chair that vibrates has become his favorite place to hangout this month when he's playing.  

Dislikes:  Sage is a very happy baby.  He's even coming around to bath time.  He doesn't like being hungry though and he cries when he's overtired and needs a nap.  Sage isn't a huge fan of tummy time, but he does a good job at it and then is ready to be done with it.

Sleeping:  What a difference a month makes.  Sage generally only gets his mama up once in the night between 1-4AM to eat, but often he doesn't get her up at all and wakes up between 5-6AM.  Sage's bedtime is between 8-9:30PM each night.  Naps are every 1-3 hours during the day from 20 minutes to two hours in length, generally closer to 45 minutes though.  He still sleeps in the Rock n' Play next to our bed at night.  I'm most comfortable with that right now.  I would like to start transitioning to the crib in his room soon though... 

Right now we have a bedtime routine: bath time at 7:30ish, feed at 8:00ish, and Sage sleeping by 8:30-9ish.  I swaddle and rock him to sleep after nursing.  It doesn't always go exactly like that, but it has worked well this month overall.

Great sleeping dates:

Oct 19th - Sage slept 8:30-5
Oct 30th - Sage slept 8:30-5
Nov 3rd - Sage slept 9-5:30
Nov 5th - Sage slept 9-6

Eating:  Sage loves to eat.  He nurses every 1-3 hours during the day and goes longer stretches at night.  He even took a bottle this month!!! This is something we are still working hard at even though Sage does not care much for the bottle.

Playing:  He is a playful baby boy!  He generally wakes up and plays (then will eat, sleep).  He plays mostly in his green vibrating chair and reaches for the toys we have hanging.  He loves his Eeyore and ladybug most because they are colorful and make nice sounds.  He enjoys grabbing at his toys and wrestling little blankets.  When Sage gets upset, generally his favorite stuffed animal, Piglet, can cheer him up.  Sage also loves to play with his parents and have their attention.  

New this month:  Sage is so much more alert and playful.  It's at a whole new level this month.  He loves lots of attention and is awake a lot more during the day.  Also, Sage is much happier on car trips and often just falls asleep on the drive.  He's gone grocery shopping (full shop!) with both his parents twice this month and hungout in the Moby Wrap.

Key dates:

Oct 22nd - looking in the mirror with mama and saw reflection laughing and smiling 

Oct 27th - fell asleep on own in car seat 

Nov 4th - Sage took a bottle from daddy for the first time since September 

I'm home with Sage for another seven weeks and I'm loving every minute.  Being his mama is the most incredible gift and he's a very special baby boy.  It's been a wonderful month and I look forward to all the fun to come!

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