Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Toys & a Run is Near


It's snowing right now making for quite a pretty scene out the office/room for excess stuff/junk room window... Do you have a room like that in your home?  This is the room that we keep the door closed when company comes.  There's always laundry on the futon that needs to be put away, the vacuum just chills in the corner, and my shoes take up half the closet.

Anyways... the treadmill has arrived!!!  Two big men delivered it this morning.  They told me they were only allowed to bring it as far as the garage though, so that's where it sits in a giant box.  Assembly is required.  If I had the Hulk strength I'd bring it in the downstairs room and attempt to set it up right now.  Sage is napping so it would be the perfect opportunity.  I'm not even sure how we'll get it in the house.  We will probably need to recruit a neighbor or two to help my husband bring it in.  It's not a one person job.  I can taste the run it's so close.  Like within the next 24 (ok, maybe 48 hours) close!

This morning, Sage and I ventured to Babies R Us.  I had three things to get:  Sage's new toy (pictured below!), Nose Frida (for sucking out baby snot...never thought I'd be so happy to own this), and a sleep sack with no arms (which I bought the wrong size, oops!).

Sage had such a blast playing in one of these activity mats at our neighbor's the other day that we just had to get one for our home.   And it totally inspired him to start rolling...oh boy!

I think it exhausted him because he went down quite effortlessly for his 2 o'clock nap. 

So now I'm making tea and dreaming about that run that will be happening soon.  Can you tell I'm a little excited?  There's a TV on the wall in front of where the treadmill will go so I can binge watch The Good Wife and run at the same time all in the comfort of my own home.  That's a wonderful thing.

What's the best thing you did this week? 


  1. I've heard such great things about Sage's new toy. I'm guessing I should pick up two when I'm out @ about at the baby store, huh?

    I'm confused why the men aren't allowed to bring the treadmill in further then your garage? They don't put it together either?

    1. YES, I bet your baby girls will love the play mat when they are a few months old! And the men were only allowed to deliver the treadmill to the garage as a liability. They were just delivery men. Thank goodness my kind father came and set the treadmill up!

  2. Sage is adorable!! My daughter loved the playmats too, they are so great!

    I wish we had extra space for a treadmill. We have a small guest room and we could definitely squeeze it in but it would be tightttt.

    1. Aren't the play mats the best?! Having a treadmill at home definitely makes life much easier!

  3. Oh I am so excited for you - I know running keeps me SANE!! Woo hoo momma!