Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sage: Month Seven Baby Update

Hi there!

Happy seven months old to Sage!  Our little tall guy just becomes more fun.  He is just a blast to interact with.  He's so expressive and spends his days with a smile painted across his face.  We are so blessed.

At his doctor's appointment on February 16th he weighed 17 pounds 3 oz and was 26.5 inches long.  I'm sure he's gained and grown a bit since then!

Likes:  Sage loves watching our dogs.  They entertain him so much.  We put him in his rolling chair, high chair, or bouncing chair and he watches them from a distance.  They are just so funny to Sage.  He likes to have conversations with them too.  Sage also loves cuddling with blankets and chewing on all his toys and stuffed animals.  He smiles so big when he sees his parents after the workday.  Sage has lots of fun at the sitter each day too as there are two 3 year-olds and a 1 year-old that entertain him.  On the weekends, he loves playing with his parents and running errands with us.  We wear him on a carrier on one of our fronts and he loves looking around the stores and being a part of the action.

Dislikes:  Being tired and/or hungry.  We are going strong with those two.  He also gets frustrated because we can tell he wants to crawl so bad.   

Playing:  Rolling, rolling, rolling...on the move!  We put him on his activity mat and he gets himself halfway across the rug.  Sage likes to try to get close to the dogs and as soon as he gets himself close, they go and move another few feet from him to keep their distance.  Sage loves playing with toys in his crib and watching the mobile.  He screams and giggles. 

He adores his parents attention.  We tickle him and he's got the best little laugh.  He loves when we make goofy noises and faces.  

Eating:  We are continually trying more fruits/veggies with Sage.  He eats rice cereal or oatmeal at the sitter for lunch with a veggie or fruit puree.  Breast milk his still is main source of nutrition though and he takes about 4 bottles a day and nurses before bed.  Sage still gets up to feed in the night (more on that below).  Recently he started taking more ounces with each bottle though (4-7 oz).  One night he had 15 ounces before bed over the course of an hour!

Sage has tried prunes, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, lemon, bananas, peas, spinach, green beans, and apple sauce this month.  He's really getting the hang of eating.  Also, we were at Chipotle the other night and my husband gave him a little bit of guacamole which he loved (totally our kid).

Sleeping:  Sage now sleeps in his pajamas at night.  We used to put him in a sleep suit, but we've transitioned away from that.  As soon as I lay him down after nursing him or taking a bottle, he turns onto his side or stomach to go to sleep most nights.  He used to sleep on his back (the sleep suit prevented him from turning onto his stomach), so this is new.  He sleeps much better now that he can maneuver around, and boy does he move around in his crib!  I often find him in the morning in a difference place in the crib than where I left him.  Generally, Sage sleeps close to 11 hours at night.

Basically until this month if Sage would wake up in the night upset, I would go in to nurse him.  Typically this meant he would nurse two times during the night.  I knew I needed to make a change now rather than let it continue like that.  I knew that Sage could go 6+ hours without eating because one night he fed at midnight and then didn't eat again until close to 7am, and he wasn't even all that hungry as he just ate 3 oz.  That was my sign to work on eliminating (or decreasing to just one) feedings during the night.  Sage still gets up in the night though so this is a work in progress... 

Sage still takes two naps a day.  They vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours in length.  As mentioned last month, Sage naps longer at the sitter than he does for his parents on the weekends.  Goof ball!  However, he has been napping much better for us  recently.

New this month:

*Sleeping on stomach and/or side every night

*Eating more solids at lunch and dinner 

*Can sit on his own, but still falls over  

*My mom bought Sage a high chair that he eats at now

 *Sticking out his tongue.  He's fascinated by it!

*Happy screaming!  He loves to shout out.  It cracks me up every time. 

Key Dates: 

Feb 19 - Slept 7pm-5am with one feeding at 11:30

Feb 20 - Second tooth popping through

Feb 22 - At brunch Sage tasted (licked) watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, and lemon

Feb 24 - Slept from 7pm-6:45am with one feeding at 12am (proud mama!)

March 6 - Two hour nap for mama on my day off

It doesn't seem possible that it's been seven months since I gave birth.  We love you so much, Sage!

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