Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pregnancy #2: The BIG 3-0!


The BIG 3-0!  It’s totally game time now that I’m in my thirtieth week of pregnancy.  While I’m hoping I still have at least another two months of pregnancy, I also want to be prepared just in case baby boy arrives a little early.  

This weekend we made progress in that I packed up all of Sage’s 18 month clothes and my husband put them in our storage space.  I moved some of the twelve month clothes over to the baby’s room because I know how quickly we’ll be using those.  We also brought out all of Sage’s summer clothes and that makes me happy that he’s all set there.  He’s growing so fast and I swear he’s taller by the day.  We are passing hand-me-downs back and forth with my sister-in-law so I’m still waiting on the newborn clothes because they just had a baby in March.  I remember there being an abundance of newborn clothes though.

The last week was really wonderful because my husband was off from work on Spring Break and the boys spent the week together.  I was able to go into work early and leave early.  One day they visited me for lunch at work which was the best thing ever.  Sage was really shy around my coworkers, but he liked sitting in my chair and being spun around.  The weekend passed too quickly.  Saturday was bright and sunny.  In the morning we went to the farmers market and then spent the rest of the day outside playing until nap time.  My husband and I actually napped during Sage’s nap time as well.  We all were tired.  Sunday was rainy so we went to Barnes and Noble in the morning, stopped at the grocery store, and then played inside.  Sage’s grandma got him a new wagon that my husband put together while Sage and I read lots of books.  Also, my Blue Apron box arrived (we do the vegetarian option) and I made one of the meals on Sunday.  I’ll definitely report back how it goes with using Blue Apron.  My initial take is that the ingredients all look fresh and tasty and the meals are delicious.  I like that I don’t have to figure out what ingredients to buy and the recipes are straightforward.  There still is about 30-40 minutes of prep/cooking time, but that is ok if the meals are all worth it.  I’m ordering another box next week and we’re going to see how it helps our dinner situation during the workweek.

I finished reading Moms on Call Basic Baby Care and now I’m onto reading Moms on Call Toddler Book.  A really handy schedule is provided to balance a toddler and a baby.  Just in glancing at the schedule it is spot on with Sage’s typical day right now and I like previewing what it looks like to add a baby into the mix.  I know that no schedule is perfect, but it gives a good idea.  Also, reading about parenting a toddler is proving to be super interesting.  The book goes into the inner workings of a toddler's mind and it just makes so much sense.  Sage has really started to demonstrate his free will lately and while it is magical to watch, it also can be challenging.  This book doesn't tell you how to parent, but rather gives you the best mindset when doing so.  In other news, my Amazon cart is out of control.  I basically add anything that I think we might want to buy over the next few months including cloth diapers, disposable diapers, bottles, nursing cover, sling carrier, pump bags, bottle brushes, training pants, cute outfit for the boys to match... I don’t plan to buy it all at once, but I figure if I keep it in my cart it makes it really easy to press purchase when the time is right.

My next appointment is Friday.  I’m guessing I’m up between 20-25 pounds.  I gained around 30 pounds with Sage.  I started out thinner this time (due to breastfeeding) so I won’t be surprised if I gain a few extra.  All for baby boy!  I’m making a point to eat more veggies every day, but also coconut milk ice cream.  That’s a happy balance if you ask me.  On Sunday night we were sort of working on potty training with Sage.  He wanted to take a bath and then he was communicating he had to go potty so we left him naked for the next hour and kept reinforcing to go on his potty if he needed to.  We told him that he could have a bite of coconut milk ice cream if he did, but he was much more interested in getting a sticker.

Overall I’m feeling very good.  I have gone to bed early and napped both days over the weekend.  My exercise is playing with Sage and pushing him around on his tricycle.  Emptying the dishwasher and putting away laundry often feels like a workout these days as my belly grows.  Just taking it one day at a time and trying to enjoy this final phase of pregnancy!

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