Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Morning Run

A Good Morning
My sneakers right now:  Nike lunarlons (and I really like them!)

What kind of sneakers do you prefer?

I have gone through two pairs of asics and a pair of brooks before I tried Nike.  I loved the asics and my brooks as well, but there is something about these lunarlons.  I tried my first pair a year ago and last fall purchased two more pairs (the crazy colors on clearance at  I'm sure I'll jump around more with my sneakers, but for right now I recommend Nike lunarlons. 

I love that I can use my iPhone app while running to track my runs and when I get back from running I just login at and my run is forever saved.  I can log the quality of my run, where I went, road or trail, mood, etc.  You definitely don't need Nike to do anything of these things, but I do like how it's all so convenient.

This morning's Run:
25 Minutes of Intervals on the Treadmill
5 minute warm-up at a conversational pace.
2-3 minute intervals where I increased the speed to almost a sprint for 2 minutes then came back to a conversational pace for 3 minutes (repeat 3 times).
The last 3 minutes I ran slowly as a cool down.
Overall, it was a good morning. 

How was yours?

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