Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's Talk Breakfast.

Typical Breakfast

Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal.  Ok, I love dinner too, but I get excited when I wake up to have breakfast.  I generally start my morning by boiling hot water for some kukicha tea.  I read about kukicha tea in numerous of my macrobiotic & vegan books so I finally bought some.  It is literally twigs and it has a nice light and mild taste.  I feel great after drinking it too.  If I wake up feeling a little off, it evens me right out.  Also, what's great is it is very low in caffeine.  You can also buy the tea bags which makes brewing a little easier.

After tea, I generally reheat brown rice from the night before or  make a fresh batch.  I then sautee either kale or collard greens in a tsp of olive oil.  While it's cooking I add in a splash of shoyu (organic soy sauce) and a splash of organic vegetable broth.  Sometimes I cook some garlic prior to adding the greens (depends how much time I have). 

When the greens are done I put them on top of my rice and sprinkle with either roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds.  Sometimes I add in raisins too and go crazy!

I used to think eating greens for breakfast was so bizarre, but not anymore.  I've been having this sort of breakfast for about a month now and I feel great.  I stay full longer in the morning and I'm much more satisfied than I was from my bowls of cereal. 

I know it sounds funny, but give it a try.  You might enjoy it a lot more than you think!

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