Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Coffee Anyone?

 Do you need a cup of coffee?

I greatly enjoy a cup of coffee! Or a soy or almond milk decaf latte!  I love the ritual and the smell of coffee/espresso brewing in my kitchen.  I used to drink more caffeinated drinks (between 1-3 cups a day), but then if I’d go without the caffeine, I hated the headache that would result.  I've now switched almost completely to decaf with caffeine maybe once or twice a month.  I've had my keurig machine for two years now and it's perfect for me.  I love that I can make myself just one cup (I have the single cup brewing system).  No coffee goes to waste.  Best of all there are so many flavors out there - the choice is all mine!  When my husband and I entertain, the keurig is great because everyone can pick their flavor of choice, whether they want caffeinated or decaf, and within a minute coffee is served.  If you're on the hunt for a new coffee maker, I highly recommend a keurig!
I also love my Mr. Coffee Latte maker.  I like the creamy taste of a latte with that hint of coffee flavor.  I work in an office and it’s just nice to sip my latte throughout the morning.  I have been using Starbucks espresso beans, but I recently bought this organic decaf blend that I’m really excited about!  I’ve got enough money left on my Starbucks gift card for one more latte out and then it’s time to officially make all lattes at home - woo!

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you have a coffee maker at home?

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