Thursday, February 21, 2013

Running Plans

I'm a planner.  Especially when it comes to running.  I love to make training plans, compare training plans, choose one (and another), and then put each run on my calendar!  Problem with that - life happens every time that I dedicate myself to a plan, and so it should.

So I had big plans for a Friday run last week wanting to post about it and then that fell through when I wasn't feeling 100% on Friday.  Decided rest was best and I would move that run to Sunday.  Well Sunday turned into the day where both my husband and I came down with the flu meaing absolutely no run (rest, liquids & bed instead!). 

It's a week later and this morning I made the impromptu decision to get on the elliptical that collects dust in our spare bedroom!  It literally has been used as a clothes hanger for the last year.  And you know what?!  I really enjoyed myself!  Daft Punk was playing and it felt really good to sweat it out.  The room is chaotic with clothes everwhere that I really need to organize.  But somehow this morning amongst the chaos, I felt fantastic.  Success.

It's really hard to plan a perfect training plan.  The half marathon I plan/hope/aspire to run is only about two months (66 days to be exact) away now, but I know that's still plenty of time to get in race shape.  Sadly, my knees haven't been feeling great, but I think that has more to do with running on the treadmill.  I'm just more of an outdoor kind of runner. 

Can't wait to get outside!!!

These pictures were taken in August of 2012 when my husband and I were honeymooning in Vancouver and Seattle.  We biked all around Stanley Park in Vancouver one day and then ran somewhere around 15 miles the next - we weren't counting, just enjoying the beauty!  We also hiked at Mount Rainier in Washington. 

Can  you tell I'm missing the outdoors right now?

Biking and running in Stanley Park in the City of Vancouver is so wonderfully memorable for me.  It literally was one of the most gorgeous runs I've ever experienced and I was running beside my husband making it even more special (having just gotten married a few days before!).  It was one of those not too hot not too cold perfect weather sun shining kind of days.  And there was a buffet breakfast waiting at the hotel for when we returned - does it get much better than that?

Hope you have a great Thursday!

What is one of your most memorable runs? 
Where were you? 
How do you feel about treadmill running?


  1. I agree, running indoors stinks! I do find the TM makes me faster though because I have the attention span of a 4-year old and have to push buttons every few minutes (and I refuse to go slower once I speed up). Hopefully it will get warmer soon and we can enjoy some nice spring runs!

  2. I like that mentality of once you speed up, can't go slower! Man I need to follow that! YES PLEASE even if just 10 degrees warmer for an outdoor run! :)

  3. I REALLY miss outdoor running in shorts. My favorite is the the spring or fall when I can run in shorts and a long sleeve tech tee. But treadmill days aren't bad here and there. I find it easier to do speedwork on them.

    1. We will get in an outdoor run soon enough (I hope!) I guess I should just be grateful for the treadmill really. I love love love fall runs too.

  4. I like planning out runs too:) And what a sweet honeymoon!

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  6. Those trails look so beautiful! Western Canada is so gorgeous :)