Friday, March 1, 2013

My Week

There are a few things that have characterized my week. I think this is a little ritual with my blog I may start to have. It’s nice to reflect on my week and take the time to appreciate the little things because man do the weeks fly! I can hardly believe it’s March 1 because yesterday I swear it was just January. So here are a few things that filled my week:
Picture from last fall.  That's Friday excitement though!!!
Kukicha TeaI drink it everyday. At least a cup or two each morning to start my day and because I ordered tea bags from here, I now can bring tea to work and have a cup or two during the day. This tea is great because it’s mild in flavor while packed with minerals, vitamins and low in caffeine.  I really feel good after drinking it too.  I've been fighting a cold all week that hasn't come to fruition and I truly think by drinking my tea I have been doing myself a favor.
Three Runs – I ran three times this week which was fantastic for my mind and body!  I really felt like I was starting to find my rhythm. The first run of the week (3 miles) was easy and I was going fast for me, the second was with my dog (3.5 miles), and the third was yesterday morning (3.5 miles). Yesterday’s run was tough because it was a cold morning, but I felt invigorated all day long. I need to get in a 5-6 miler this weekend to keep my training for the half marathon on track!
Goodbye Excess SugarYES. This has felt great. Truly amazing. I feel lighter and happier. There are no sugary ups and downs. I ate at least an orange or two each day and it quenched my desire for sweetness. Also, a few mornings I put vanilla almond milk in my rice and it added a sweet wonderful taste.  I also had a bowl of Nature's Path organic corn puffs with almond milk as dessert several nights - it's a popcorn like taste dressed in extra sweetness.
Sleep – Last Saturdays lack of sleep really did a number on me. I tried each night to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and I succeeded. When I’m sleep deprived I really feel like a different animal. I cannot function or think rationally and I become all out of tune with life. Sleep is very important to me so I hope to rest well this weekend!
Family Time – Each night I had the joy of spending time with my husband and pup and relaxing together – catching up on our days at work, exchanging ideas/thoughts, and watching some of our favorite shows (New Girl, Shameless, Scandal, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory!) We also visited with family and friends last weekend celebrating my husband's birthday and we'll be celebrating my Mom’s birthday this weekend. I also get to see my best friend on Sunday who is in from out of town.
So that’s my week!  How was yours? What defined your week?
Have a marvelous weekend.


  1. I REALLY need to work a bit more on the whole sleep thing. My body really thrives on about 8 hours of sleep, but lately it has been more like 6.5-7. I need to make sleep a greater priority in my life! I definitely get a little cranky without it! ;)

    1. I hear ya! It's tough though. I get cranky too haha

  2. Don't forget about the HBO series Girls!

  3. I love this post. I am a big fan of New Girl too. Just one of my many TV show obsessions haha.