Monday, March 4, 2013

My Vegan Story - Part 1

In fall of 2009, The Kind Diet was published.  I was in Barnes and Noble bookstore reading People Magazine (or something of the sort) enjoying my latte (as always) on lunch when I came across a review of this book.  I bought the book because the magazine spoke so highly of it and then started reading it not yet even knowing it was all about a plant-based diet.  The book had been reviewed as powerful and wonderful, and that hooked me enough to make the purchase.  I had never considered being vegan - it was as far off to me as flying to the moon.  I didn't know anyone vegan and I certainly didn't know anything about the reasoning behind considering a plant-based diet.  However, I was determined to define myself in the world.  I wanted to be inspired.  I was working at an unfulfilling job and quite frankly not feeling all that great emotionally and physically.

As soon as I got home from work that night I read The Kind Diet all night long and finished it by the next day.  In the course of 24 hours I went from a full meat eating/dairy loving individual to someone who was inspired.

I was inspired to be a better me!  I had a new overwhelmingly excitement to feel my absolute best.  I was inspired to contribute to the world around me just by making the simple decision to eat a plant-based diet.  It was everything I had been searching for when I hadn't been looking for it at all.
22 year old me - on my journey!
So just like that I made the decision to be vegan - talk about a powerful book!  I know I've raved about it quite a bit, but that's only because of the influential role it has played in my life.  I think it would be tough to read it from front to back and not feel at least a bit inspired.

The past few years have been an adventure and I haven't been a perfect vegan.  It's been a journey filled with lessons all of which I plan to share with you!

I'll stop there for today and give you just one fun fact from what a vegan diet has taught me.
I think most of us have heard how important calcium is for our bones (especially us ladies!) and I definitely grew up drinking glasses of milk with dinner because I wanted to have strong bones.  What I didn't know when I was little was that getting calcium from milk was actually counterproductive.  I apologize if I sound a bit preachy - it's just when I learn fascinating facts such as "the truth about milk" I feel like I should scream it loud so everyone else can learn it too!  This fact is taken from The Kind Diet so do with it whatever you'd like, but I want to at least share what I learned because it was life changing for me.

So cows milk gives you calcium, but it actually takes away more than it gives.  So basically you're always losing even if you're getting.  Well that's not fair!  This chart shows foods that give you way more calcium without taking any from you.  Now that sounds better to me.

That's my vegan fact for today and a little bit of my story. 

So tell me, how was your weekend?!

Any upcoming races planned?

I've got a 15K at the end of the month and a half a month after that, and I really want a marathon on the schedule as well!


  1. It kills me that we're lead to believe that you get calcium from milk products, and milk products ALONE!! Before I was vegan and very ignorant, I remember saying how I could NEVER be a vegan. Funny how things change and cause you to open your eyes. My turning point was 'Eating Animals' and I'm so glad I decided to read it 2 summers ago!!!

    1. I'll have to read that one! It is so funny how it all happens. I used to think I could never ever be vegan too!