Sunday, February 3, 2013

Running Gear

Running Gear that Inspires
Do you have gear that gets you excited to run?!  Sometimes I just wear old tee-shirts while running and other times I wear a "running outfit".  I feel seriously hardcore when I'm all geared up, but really if I'm sweating and running hard, I feel pretty great regardless of what I'm wearing.   

That being said, I do enjoy buying and wearing sweet running gear.  I just got these arm warmers from Fleet Feet that I plan on wearing more come spring.  These shorts are for my half marathon in April, but I'm not waiting to wear them.  They've already been worn!

It's a good afternoon when there's an entertaining movie on and a magazine for distraction.  My husband was also running on the treadmill by me so that was an extra bonus!
Any good runs over the weekend?


  1. A cute workout outfit definitely motivates me, not going to lie! And the perfect show or movie also completely makes my day. I wish I was one of those people that could get in a great run without tv or music or anything (it sounds so relaxing) but I'm just not!

  2. I agree! It just makes running more fun when you’ve got a cute running outfit on too! The treadmill is rough without some sort of distraction for sure. I do better without music outside, but it’s tough in this snowy weather. Have a great day!

  3. Love having new running or workout gear! It's been awhile since I've bought something new....I might need to change that!! ;)

  4. I got a pair of arm warmers for Christmas, and haven't quite figured out the right time to wear them. I'm thinking around like 60 outside?

  5. I really like them for about 40-60 degrees. I like that I can stay warm without all the bulk or weight of a sweatshirt or jacket. I love that I can rip them off if I get too hot. I hope you enjoy yours! It's still to freezing here to even think about just wearing them