Monday, February 4, 2013

Latte of the Day

Mondays are tough!  We quickly have to jump back into work mode which happens whether we're ready or not.  I say it's Monday mornings that require lots of love
I tend to be tired Monday mornings because I stay up later on the weekends and sleep later (even if just an hour more) than I usually do - messing with my sleep schedule.
My husband and I have about an hour in the morning to get ready for the day.  Showers, finding outfits, breakfasts, making lunches, lots of rushing around the home.
And then there's our dog.
Mondays are probably his least favorite day.  He senses the change in our behavior with all the rushing around and gets nervous.  "We were so relaxed over the weekend, what's going on?!?!"
He brings the love though.  Walking him in the morning brings me back to that weekend relaxed state of mind.  And he's so happy! 
I laugh everytime he sprints back and forth all around the woods.  He loves trail running and he's not afraid to show it!
Hope you had a great Monday and did something where you had to "bring the love". 
How was your Monday?

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