Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Simple Dinner

Dinner in 15 minutes & it's vegan!

This meal consists of Brown rice pasta (or any kind of pasta you enjoy), faux meat crumbles (I truly can hardly tell the difference and I grew up eating meat), eggplant cutlets (sometimes we include), and your favorite tomato sauce.

The pasta takes the longest to cook (14 minutes), but the faux meat crumbles only take 7 minutes.  I cook the crumbles 7 minutes in, add sauce to the crumbles in pan when the crumbles are almost done, and then add the pasta when it's done cooking.  Then I cook the whole dish for a minute or two longer until it's piping hot.  So simple!

The eggplant takes about a half hour so when that's included it takes a bit more time, but the crumbles and pasta would have been plenty!  A side of broccoli or your veggie of choice is always nice.  Perfect after a long run!

What's your favorite simple dinner?

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