Friday, February 22, 2013

Typical Day of Food

A typical day of eating often varies, but during the work week I tend to eat a lot of the same things.  On the weekends I generally try new recipes and have treats (like pancakes and cupcakes!)

 Here is a typical food day for me:

Breakfast – *Corn puff cereal with almond milk or
*about a cup of short grain brown rice (generally reheated on the stove from the previous day) with sautéed kale or collards sprinkled with sunflower seeds.  I do not always have the greens.  A lot of times I add raisins as well. 
*I always make a pot of kukicha tea

*Some mornings I bake half a sweet potato as well.  When it's hot out of the oven I add earth balance and cinnamon to the sweet potato and feed the skins to my dog (lucky pup!)  It tastes like a dessert when I eat a sweet potato this way.

Morning snack – *Protein shake (1 cup almond milk, tbs flaxseed, tbs chia seeds, tbs protein powder, tbs cocoa, 4 ice cubes) and/or
*almonds or walnuts and raisins
*often a soy decaf latte

Lunch – *rice and black beans topped with guacamole or
*Brown rice, celery and apple with peanut butter, and carrots  (Sometimes I have a light lunch because I tend to eat every 2ish hours) or
*Black bean soup with sweet potato fries or
*my new favorite is a faux chicken salad sandwich or hummus with veggies sandwich from an all vegan cafe by my work (had this yesterday! AMAZING!)

Afternoon snack – More nuts, rice crackers with peanut butter and/or baby carrots

DinnerLentil stew over brown rice with cooked kale or
*fried tofu (seasoned with apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, garlic & onion powder) over lots of brown rice or
*rice noodles with fried tofu and broccoli all cooked together in a soy sauce/mirin combination or 
*sesame tofu over brown rice with kale and sweet potato

Dessert – So Delicious coconut ice cream or vegan chocolate peanutbutter milkshake

I’m not a calorie counter (been there – done that – no fun!)

I find that when I eat whole foods rather than processed ones then I eat really as much as I want and whenever I'm hungry.  I never feel deprived and if I do get hungry, I eat!  That's the joy of eating whole goodness yums!

What’s a typical food day for you?  What’s one food you could not live without?

Oh and happy freakin friday! Have a great day :)


  1. You should be eating the potato skins!

  2. I love sweet potatoes, apples and yogurt bowls. I always eat the sweet tater skins though, there actually my favorite part! Hot coffee or tea and oatmeal is my go to breakfast