Thursday, March 7, 2013

Running Rant

Yesterday morning, I jumped out of bed at 6 o’clock and went for my midweek-morning-run.  I got in a 3.3 mile run just before I had to rush to be ready for work in time.  I had run 6 miles on the previous Saturday which had felt quite effortless in comparison to this.  The shorter run wasn’t miserable (like one of those runs where you’re not sure you can go for another 5 minutes – I’ve had a few of those), although it wasn’t graceful either. 

I am surrounded by hills where I live and it’s really tough to find a flat run which when it come to race day, I know I’ll appreciate; however, on days when I’m feeling sluggish, the hills make for a serious challenge.  What I’m getting at is that my 6 mile run last Saturday felt way better than yesterday’s shorter run.  It got me wondering how I had such a simple 6 miles just a few days before when 3 miles was feeling like a test.

Actually got warm out there!
Now this 3 mile run really wasn’t all that bad, but it got me thinking how much my mental preparation benefits me in the long run.  A short run of 3 miles feels like a challenge because I never really sense that I’m warmed up.  Basically I’m starting to feel good by the time I’m finishing.  I think that’s what makes shorter runs sometimes more challenging.  Somewhere after 3 miles I generally start to find my pace.  I’m solidly into the run at that point and often a few miles from home so the only thing to do is keep running – and enjoy it!

I’ll take this one step further.  I ran on the treadmill all winter long.  I believe the longest run I accomplished on the treadmill this past winter was 7 miles.  However, two winters ago I stepped on the treadmill with the intention of running 20 miles.  Approximately 3 hours later I stepped off the treadmill having (1) run my longest run yet and (2) spent the longest amount of time ever for me personally on the treadmill.  Thank goodness my husband (then boyfriend who around 10 miles informed me that he had gone to see my parents to ask for my hand in marriage – talk about adrenaline rush!) was by my side on this 20 mile treadmill journey as well.   I don’t think I could ever step on a treadmill with the same intention.  It was one thing to run 20 miles on a treadmill for the first time without any expectations, it would be a whole other thing to try again…

I'm looking forward to this weekends run - haven't decided how many miles I want to run yet.

That’s my Running Rant for the day.  Let me finish by saying I absolutely love running.  It is such a mental and physical battle and the accomplishment felt after a run never goes away.

Do you have a favorite distance to run?  Do you have good and bad days of running?


  1. It's funny how the shorter runs can be just as tough as the longer ones some days. And I can't believe you did 20 miles on a TM! That's serious!

    1. I can't believe I did either - it feels like a CRAZY dream!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. On shorter runs I never get warmed up and usually I'm trying to run them at a faster pace so it is more difficult. When I got out for a long run i expect it to be difficult but I mentally plan ahead for that. On Shorter runs I dont. Also 6 AM might have been why you were feeling sluggish! My 5:15 AM runs are always tough!

    And 20 miles in a treadmill you are crazy!!! Perhaps wedding planning in your head got you through it!

    1. In agree! I'm still half asleep during my morning runs... I try to go faster too which definitely makes them tougher. My endorphins definitely helped me for the rest of that run!