Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Relaxation & Dinner

Last night I was exhausted after work.  My husband was over at the house with my mother-in-law working so hard to get it ready for moving day (I'm so grateful!!!)  My husband quickly convinced me through a text to go back to the apartment after work for some serious relaxation.  Between painting the house all weekend and then jumping quickly back into the work week, I was bone tired.  I'm sure you can relate.
I got home and did not feel like cooking, but the thought of not eating well made me feel worse.  Not feeling too good, my conscience was whispering to me the importance of getting some spectacularly happy & healthy food into my body.
SO here's how the night went down.  I came in the door and immediately turned on the oven and started a fresh pot of brown rice.  Peeled and sliced a sweet potato then dressed it with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Thirty-minutes until they would be done...
Dinner was halfway done.  Did I mention I put on Kenny G radio on Pandora?  Yes, smooth jazz was singing sweet tunes throughout the apartment.
Next, I grabbed a block of tofu from the refrigerator and decided fried tofu was the way to go.  I just love tofu in sesame oil.  Once the oil is hot, the tofu takes about 15 minutes (I like mine to have some crunch!)
In the last 5 minutes before everything was ready, I steamed a healthy portion of kale.
Dinner was ready!
Cooking myself dinner and listening to music was really relaxing.  It was rewarding to sit down after a long day with a delicious meal and just chill out (even though I missed my husband and pup!)  I felt like I was being kind to myself when I really needed to be.  There's not too much more to this story.  I climbed into bed earlier and awoke to snow (again!)  Happy Wednesday!
How was your evening?  
Do you know that happy feeling after you've cooked yourself a nice meal?


  1. Fried tofu is awesome! Your dinner sounds fantastic!

    Oh, and I am loving your "Vegan" shirt! Where did you get it?

  2. It's SO nice to relax with a tasty meal and do a little bit of nothing for a while ;-) For some reason, fried tofu reminds me of a super custardy french toast-- the texture is just amazing.

  3. I am slowly thinking I need to try tofu again (I haven't tried it since the 90s). Your dinner looks great as well as tor relaxing evening :)