Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Saturday Mornings Are To Me

It's Saturday!  I just love Saturday mornings...the weekend is still young with hours ahead to enjoy.
I'm here listening to the Passion Pit station on Pandora, eating my overnight oats, and writing to you.  I just got back from my 4 mile runWhat a good morning.  It's been rainy the last few days and this morning was no different except for now the rain had temporarily (I'm sure) stopped.  Everything is in fantastic bloom.  I wanted to take a picture of well just about every part of my run, but that would kind of defeated the purpose of getting in a good run and you know enjoying the moment.
My favorite scene was running down a trail where the trees were huge and the leaves formed a canopy above me.  I don't think a picture would have done it much justice anyways.
I finished my run by this lilac bush (not in my yard, but I SO wish!!).  I just think lilacs are ridiculously gorgeous.  My new goal is grow a lilac bush in my yard that eventually looks like this.  I don't even care if it takes up the whole front yard - I mean look at that!  I kind of just stood, slightly out of breath, and took a picture of it (ok, a few pictures), and it smelled the happiest.
 Before my run, I checked on our veggies to see if the rain had done any damage.  They look good to me!  Lots of kale and lettuce is our goal. 
That's last night's veggie sushi that had avocado and asparagus in it - genius!  My new favorite for sure.  Thank you Wegmans!
I've officially started using these new sneaks.  I've only used them a few times in the past on treadmill runs so I figured a new training plan is a great time for these very newish sneaks.
I had to show you those lilacs one more time.  In the picture of me, I'm trying to show you my 6:15am enthusiasm to get running!
Today there is a massive community wide garage sale going on by me so I might just hop on my bike soon and check it out!  I hear that's the best way to see things.  I have a nice bike that I haven't used in I don't know like 10 years...about time I give it some attention (thank you Mom & Dad for buying it for me years and years ago!).
What's your favorite thing to do Saturday mornings?  Do you like to bike?


  1. Sounds like a great Saturday morning =)
    I love love love lilac bushes, they smell divine.
    Your 6:15am enthusiasm is super cute.
    I love starting my Saturday morning off with a run as well. Best way to start the weekend for sure.

    1. Aw thanks Kim! Hope you had a great Saturday morning too :)

  2. Aw, lilac bushes, one of my favorite Midwest memories! There are some here in the Northwest, too, but I just remember so many being in bloom in the Midwest in the spring, it was really special. Too bad I can't smell them from just your photo.

    1. Aren't they just fabulous! My husband is from the Midwest and he just loves them too. Have a great day :)

  3. I love Saturday mornings! They are usually reserved for cooking a ridiculously decadent breakfast and a whole lot of lounging around. If I don't put myself in a food coma i'll usually get around to working out sometime Saturday afternoon. Your saturday morning sounds equally as wonderful :)