Friday, May 17, 2013

Is it Swimsuit Season?

Happy almost the weekend!  It's been a not-so-fun last 24 hours.  My husband and I both came down with a stomach bug within a few hours of each other on Wednesday, but I can happily say we are dancing on the road to recovery.  I'm feeling human again!  Now onto my actual post...


Ok, so I know that swimsuit season is approaching.  Not that it really means much to me because I hardly ever swim.  I think I wore a swimsuit twice last year.  I'm much more a runner, hiker, walker - things that don't require a swimsuit.  But I thought it might be a nice to post about getting in swimsuit season shape because who doesn't want to look their best come summer!  I'm in two weddings in September where I get to wear pretty dresses so that's my "swimsuit season" reasoning.

I'm 100% not a calorie counter.  And what's ironic is when I did play that calorie counting game in college versus when I just began eating whole foods and cutting out most processed foods, the latter is when I shed a few pounds.  Nothing drastic, but just took off the excess pounds from late night eating/drinking in college.  I strongly believe that you do not need to count calories to lose weight (or just find your natural weight) and feel your best.

If you cut two things out from your diet, let it be white sugar and white flour.  I can (almost) guarantee you'll see a difference.  Even if you do not have any weight to lose, I believe this is hugely beneficial.  I just keep these items out of my kitchen.  I splurge here and there - gotta live a little - but on a daily basis I feel my best without white flour and especially white sugar.

If you do want to lose a few pounds, then cutting the sugar and flour may be just the thing you need.  Start looking at ingredients in your cereals, yogurts, bars - the sugar amount may scare you.  I bet there's a better alternative and you won't have to give anything up.  It's simply a healthier replacement so you can feel your best.

Here's what I use instead of white sugar:

brown rice syrup
shredded coconut
maple syrup

Believe me, I still get my sweets!  Check out my dessert section.

Instead of white flour:

whole wheat flour
brown rice flour

However, I don't have too much flour regardless.  The only thing I can think of that comes to mind are pancakes a few times a month and cupcakes when I make them for a party.

Here are few other tips if you're looking to get into that bathing suit soon!

Eat whole foods - not processed foods - it's life changing stuff.  I swear I feel like a different person having turned to whole foods rather than all those processed ones.  That being said, not all processed foods are bad by any means and there are a bunch I lean on weekly.  They just aren't as cool as whole foods

Need a grocery list?  Here are a few of mine.

I go crazy with whole grains and veggies, eating as much brown rice, quinoa, oats, etc. and all sorts of veggies as I want.  I never ever go hungry.
Another tip - try not to eat a few hours before bed.  You don't want to be digesting food while you sleep.  You'll sleep much more restful if that sugary 10pm treat isn't dancing around in your mind.  That being said, I quite often find myself eating close to bedtime...I'm working on that.

I took some of these tips from book, The Kind Diet (my bible).  I'm on a lifetime journey of working to be my best me.

So those are my tips!  I'm not about dieting, just about trying to make healthy food choices.

And of course I need to mention that I am not a nutritionist/doctor.  I'm just telling you these things because it has been my experience.

This is a complete side note, but I wanted to let you guys know I'm on Instagram!  I love following fellow bloggers/foodies/health nuts/dog lovers... so let me know your username if you'd like.  Mine is emlovalatte in case you want to follow me.  I post family and food pictures mostly - imagine that ;)

I'm off to my brother's graduation from college this weekend - woo! :)

Have a great weekend!

What do you do to get into "bathing suit" shape?


  1. I'm always trying to swap out white sugar for something else, but it's just convenient. Work in progress. Bob's red mill is sending over some date sugar, so hopefully that's delicious and wonderful :) I keep thinking about getting an instagram, but I'm 99% positive I'd just post pictures of my cats...

    1. I just laughed out loud! That's too funny about your cats... You can post pictures of them haha! Your food pics are always incredible too! Let me know how date sugar is!

  2. Less than 24 hours till I'm on a beach in Hawaii... you better believe I've been eating for bikini season! To shed a few winter pounds I always try to skip bread as much as possible. Also I know its an easy way out, but Amy's frozen meals are my go to for a quick and light dinner. I'm going to buy The Kind Diet book for some beach reading :)

    1. Omg have a blast!!!!! So jealous haha! Can't wait to hear about your trip when you're back - enjoy the beautiful everything there! Hope you get to read that book :)

  3. Calorie counting was WAY too stressful and obsessive for me. Focusing on eating as many whole, plant-based foods as possible is definitely the way to go! :)

  4. These are great tips! I feel so much better when eating whole foods rather than processed. I try to eat as little white sugar as I can but I love flavored yogurt and know that it has quite a bit of sugar in it.

    1. Me too! Just about doing out best :) I have found it tough to find a yogurt I like without the sugar...

  5. I love your tips! I love eating unprocessed whole foods! I love knowing I can eat as much veggies as I want and I won't get fat ;) The key to getting into bikini suit shape is to not think about it. If I eat healthy and exercise daily I know I did my best to get in shape. Also confidence is key whenever in a bikini :) Jergens Natural Glow also helps ;)

    1. Love everything your said! Great outlook :) I gotta get some Jergens natural glow!