Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sunshine and Food

Yesterday it got up to 76 degrees.  Such happiness!  It was the first time I could walk around the city at lunch time.  The streets were busy with lots of people, but the really busy place was Starbucks aka lunch break heaven.  Wow does a sunny day make people go crazy for Frappuccino's, iced coffees, and my new favorite - refreshers!

I know the Starbucks refresher drinks have been out a while, but I've never tried them - always going for my coffee light Frappuccino with soy milk.  Not yesterday!  I had a few dollars on my Starbucks card and actually wasn't craving coffee (bizarre I know) so I tried the Cool Lime RefresherOh wow.  Go try one.  It was absolutely refreshing and they even dropped a few lime slices in it which was just icing on the cake.

Next topic - Anyone else having bad allergies?  I've been sneezing like crazy, but not as bad yesterday, so that's good.

And the next topic - Do you like spinach in your shakes?  I gave this a try yesterday morning because I had bought a big bag of spinach Sunday and hadn't yet touched it.  I decided to throw a bunch in my breakfast shake...


1 cup spinach (basically a handful)
1 cup vanilla almond milk
1/2 banana
1 tbsp. peanut butter
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
1 tbsp. chia seeds
1 scoop sunwarrior protein powder
5 ice cubes


It was really tasty and kept me full until just past 10 o'clock which is a while for me since I had it around 7 o'clock.

Yesterday was an odd food day.  I had that shake in the morning and then I ate a bowl of seasoned rice and lentils at my desk around 10 0'clock which was strange because it felt way more like lunch food, but I was hungry, and it was quite delicious. 

But then I wasn't really hungry again until 3 o'clock because that venti refresher kept me going for a while so at 3 o'clock I suddenly realized "wow I'm hungry!" and had two of my no bake cookies and an apple.

Oh and then there was dinner... As you know, one of my favorite dinners is sesame tofu!  Got to use some more of that spinach up as well.  Jax starred me down trying to get some.  Let's just say I absolutely do not share this meal ;)

So that's my food complaints here.
How was your food yesterday?  Did you get to enjoy the sun?


  1. I am so envious of your weather. I still need a jacket here in NYC. I love the Starbucks refreshers! Such a nice afternoon treat.

    I ate pretty good yesterday, dinner as a frozen Amy's Organic meal. Those things are great when I'm pinched for time!

    1. I totally go to Amy's Organic meals when I'm pinched for time as well!

  2. The weather has been amazing around these parts, for sure! I'm hoping spring sticks :-x And this post makes me REALLY want Starbucks. I've never tried the refreshers, but everyone that I know who has had them lovesss them so I'll have to take a trip soon!

    1. Omgoodness isn't the weather just out of this world amazing?! Yes, absolutely try the Cool Lime Refresher - so good!

  3. I've seen refreshers in a can at gas stations, but I've never noticed them at the store. love the kind in the can at least, so I'll have to give the fresh made ones a try for sure!

    I put kale or spinach in smoothies once in a while, but my actual favorite way to use spinach is blended up and thrown into chia seed pancakes. It's kinda weird, but the hint of spinachy flavor it adds is AMAZING

    1. I love pancakes and would absolutely give those chia seed ones a try! Do you have the recipe on your website?? :)

  4. I wanna try a refresher!

    I always add spinach to my smoothies. You can't taste it at all so I figure I may as well !

  5. Absolutely! :) I'm definitely going to keep adding it now