Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cool Air & Run Chat Four

Hi there!

It was so cool this morning - 50 degrees cool.  Absolutely refreshing.  When I started my run my hands were actually cold (not complaining!).  Running in cooler weather is just more enjoyable to me.  Now I'm not wishing for it to snow or anything, but a 50-60 degree temperature for a run is just wonderful.  This morning I ran 7.58 miles and then returned to have breakfast with my husband and Dad who is visiting for a few days.

My time was a little faster on this run than Tuesday's and I definitely think it was due to the cool air.  But really I didn't start to feel good until mile 4.  I wasn't feeling it in the beginning - just not energized - but I kept on running and I'm really glad I stuck with it.  Right after mile 4 I jumped on a trail by my house that runs by a lake and it was so peaceful.  The trail wasn't buggy (it has been recently) and it was fun winding through the path.  So I guess moral of the story is sometimes a run gets worse before it gets better.

And now onto a Bart Yasso quote that I like...

Never limit where running can take you.  I mean that geographically, spiritually, and of course, physically.

As I've said numerous times, running isn't just a physically thing for me.  Yes, I love the physcial benefits and the healthy aspect of running, but I love the spirtual side of it just as much.  I love running by pretty houses, in the woods, by a garden, by a lake, through fog (like this morning) - all in the same run.  I love being in the thick of it.

A few of my most memorable runs are with my husband in Seattle and Vancouver last August.  We covered such beautiful ground.  I never would have experienced the cities so intimately if it hadn't been for running. 

That's my chat for today.  I hope the week finishes lovely for you.

How's your week been?  What are you up this weekend?


  1. Girl - you are giving me some serious inspiration. How long did it take you to get to that pace for a 7.5 miler? I'm lucky to keep that for a 3!

    Beautiful quote. Running is truly magical :).

    1. I started running seriously in 2009 so I've been doing it for a few years...I want to get faster! Thanks for your comment!

  2. I'm very jealous of your 50 degree run! That might be out night time low now (and your speed also!). Also sounds like you have some good running places! My week was long! But my weekend is starting good; run this morning, productive day and date night tonight!

  3. My last long run was like that too - took me 4.5 miles to really get into it! I think it was because the temperature cooled down though too! I don't really cold weather to run in, but I'd like to be able to breathe in it without feel like I have a bag over my head! haha