Monday, July 29, 2013

Trail Running Weekend

Hello Monday.  It always comes so quick!

I hope you had a great weekend =)

 I'm catching up with you from last week.  Last Thursday my husband surpised me with this new I love Tofu tee-shirt.  I think it's really fun!  We had dinner with my dad that night - burgers and garden salads with the greens from our garden. 

Saturday morning we headed to a New York State Park that's about 30 minutes from us.  Last summer we were living closer to it and my husband spent his days there, but this was the first time we had gotten there this summer and it was fantastic.  There are two beautiful lakes with a 3 mile loop that wraps around them.  Also, there are wooded trails that go for miles in other directions within the park.  I took a lot of mental pictures for you.  It was gorgeous.

This was a different kind of run for me as I'm really a road runner.  I run trails through our neighborhood, but they are still paved.  This trail run was woods, jumping over roots as well as gravel and mulch areas. 

I did 14.4 miles on Saturday and it was hard.  I felt so happy to be trail running, but it really was work.  Of course I felt crazy accomplished post run though.

At halfway point, I truly had thoughts of stopping.  I knew that it was just a bad mile though and the best thing I could do was keep running and let it pass.  Sure enough it did.  My husband and pups were hiking while I ran so it was total motivation seeing them every few miles.  I grabbed some shotbloks from my husband and passed him back a Mojo Cliff bar that I just couldn't get down.  My last mile was my slowest because I had to run/climb up a big hill to get back to the car.  But my husband and pups were waiting at the car (and we were going to Chipotle post run) so I had quite the motivation to get up that hill!

My overall pace for this run was 9:30.  I was happy with that.  On Sunday I did a 2 mile run just to get my legs moving and it was really fun to run shorter and faster (8:00 minute pace).  That being said, getting out of bed this Monday morning was a little tough.

The rest of Sunday was filled with Soy Green Tea Lattes at Barnes & Noble, lots of good food, we watched Anchorman, and hungout on the deck.  Also, I've decided that Tofutti and peanut butter pair wonderfully on toast - try it!

I've got a 4 day work week this week which I'm looking forward to!

How was your weekend?


  1. That is a long trail run. Which state park were you at? I went hiking in Colorado Saturday and my ankles were really sore the next day. I think I need better shoes for trails if I'm going to do it more often.

  2. Haha, I LOVE that used Chipotle as motivation! That's a solid reason to finish any run strong ;-) Great job on the 14 miles. It sounds like you are really picking up the marathon training these weekends- you're rocking it outttt, lady!

    I've never run on trails before (too fearful that I'll be killed <-- rational thinking right thurrr), but I really want to! I hear it's 10x harder, but in a rewarding, unique way. Gotta try it one of these days. Maybe I'll have my husband walk around with the baby and dog while I run!

  3. That shirt is so cute as are you are your hubby :) I might consider running 14.4 miles for chipotle lol. You are so impressive! Don't know how you can run that much let alone on a trail.

    My weekend was nice and relaxing. No running for me :( My leg seems to be acting up again so I'm being cautious and taking it easy. Lots of relaxing happened instead...not complaining ;)

  4. Ha - totally appreciate all the mental pictures you took for us :) That's a LONG run and I bet it felt great to be out in nature, even if it was a little harder

  5. Glad you got in some trail time - trails are good for the psyche, and gentle(r) on the legs! Having a cheerleader (and stuff-carrier) nearby is always a sweet bonus, too. :)

    And just like Allee, I LOVE that you used Chipotle as your motivator. Funny I should read this right now, too - I'm currently in the midst of a discussion on the RWH Facebook wall about what kind of "bribery" people use to help them finish a run. Food is popular (cottage cheese, chwee kuay - steamed rice cake with preserved veggies, coffee), but someone also mentioned bribing herself to get through a tough week of training with a pearl necklace! Whatever works. :)

    Our weekend was great - I did my long run on Friday, so I got to sleep in a smidge on Saturday. We spent a good chunk of time this weekend rearranging our study room. This is not my favorite activity, but the improvement is tremendous - and it's suddenly a space in which I enjoy working, rather than use to store my office supplies and computer. :)