Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Miles & Sunflowers

Good morning!

It's been a few are you?!  Work has been busy and I've gotten up early before work yesterday and today and ran 5 miles so I've been crunched for time, but I ran faster this morning leaving me time to talk to you =)

July has been a month of more miles...and August is going to bring the most miles yet!  I did really well at keeping to my schedule this month.  I did miss one long run due to fatigue after running in the crazy heat one day, but rest was the answer.

Here's what I ran this month plus 5 miles today (oops I had created this yesterday).  I ran 91.5 miles this month and for me that's really awesome!

I'm especially happy about this mornings run because I incorporated sprints, making it my fastest training run yet (mile 1 was 8:36 pace).  It was fun adding .25 mile sprints.  I think I ended up running faster after each sprint segment too.
And now onto an exciting thing!  Look how much the sunflowers have grown!  Back a few months ago you may remember my husband and I had just planted the sunflowers and they were no more than a foot tall.  We started them from seeds indoors and then transplanted them.  It's amazing what water and sunshine will do.  I really hope they flower!
 I'm off to grab some breakfast.  Have a great day!
What's your favorite flower? 
What's been the best thing about July for you?


  1. favorite flower has to be peonies. I love how full they are and how great they smell!

    Excellent job on running in July-- you did great! One long run won't make or break you. Have you officially registered for the race? You'll probably finish the marathon before I finish the half, but I'm going to stalk around for you and jump out at you when you least expect it and yell, "IT'S ME ALLEE, THE BLOGGER!"

    Hmm...I'll have to rethink that. That sounds exceptionally creepy.

    1. Hahaha! I have OFFICIALLY REGISTERED! I hope your half training is going well!!! I hear for the marathon it's 12 miles on the canal... Yikes! We will definitely have to find each other!!!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of miles! Congrats and keep it up :)

  3. Love the sunflowers! I hope they flower too! I planted one in the spring but the raccoons got to it grrr

  4. I LOVE sunflowers. When I was little (I think I was about 5) I planted a sunflower seed and it grew to be taller than the first level of our house. I still have a picture of me sitting on a ladder next to it :).

  5. Nice job getting in those miles! And I love that you are going to have sunflowers - so cool! :)