Sunday, August 11, 2013

16 Miles, New Headband, and Family

Hi Guys!
It's so nice out right now!  I just woke up, opened the window and curtains to see the beautiful trees, and was relaxing reading my new book by Gwyneth Paltrow - It's All Good.  I was inspired to buy it over the weekend after Reba mentioned it on her blog (thank you!).  It is not a cookbook that adheres strictly to a vegan diet, but to clean eating.  My husband incorporates meat in his diet so I thought this book would be a great balance of recipes that would suit us both.  Also, the recipes are gluten-free which I think is fantastic and something I would like to stick to a bit more.  I've always thought Gwyneth was pretty awesome and she puts a lot of love into this book.  So I was just making a grocery list in bed taking items from this new cookbook.  I'm especially excited about the smoothies that I'll be sure to share with you.
Yesterday I did another 16 miler!  I wanted to do at least 13.1 miles, but I was feeling so happy at mile 13.1 that I just didn't want to stop. 
Yesterday's weather was cool and sunny, and just one of those perfect running days.  I had three gels along my journey (peanut butter, espresso, and chocolate flavor), lots of water, and I started out with a nuun tab (electrolytes) in one of my bottles.  This 16 miler was faster than my last and I really don't feel too sore this morning at all.  I'm tired, but that could be more to do with the sweets I had last night and staying up late than the run itself.  Don't get my started on how good those banana split flavor Oreos and berry Oreos were - total splurge awesomeness.

Also, I listened to music while running for the first time in a really long time - since January.  Music was crucial on this run.  I didn't pay close attention to what mile I was on and just enjoyed being outdoors.  My playlist was from high school and college so I was absolutely jammin to some older music along the way.
After running, my husband and I went with my mother-in-law to see the new move, Elysium,  and it was good!  Matt Damon did a great job. 

At night, we celebrated my brother's (almost) birthday with family =)  We brought fresh lettuce from our garden to the party - yum!
 And my sweet cousin gave me this new headband that has sunflowers on it!
I'm pumped to use it while running and walking the pups.  Speaking of which my husband just told the pups that we're going on a walk so I need to get going because they are excited!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
Do you like headbands?  It's a new weekend style I'm getting back into lately.
How's your weekend? 


  1. I love headbands lately, especially on runs as long as they don't move!

    I did 9 miles yesterday and yes, the weather was just too perfect! A perfect running day! I can't believe you can log all of those miles without music usually-- that's hardcore! Yesterday I listened to N*Sync on Pandora-- high school flashbacks haha! Bad, but so, so good! I'm happy to hear that 16 miles was pretty flawless for you!

    1. Now that I was listening to music I kind of can't imagine not now. OMG I bet that radio station rocked!!! Awesome that you did 9!!! Yay for great weather - makes such a big difference!

  2. Love the headband! looks so cute on you :) I'm also a fan of GP's cookbook. My sister bought it and I photocopied about 10 recipes from it...and now I can't find them lol. Guess I'll have to borrow it again. Looks like a fab weekend Em!

    1. Thank you! I'm happy to email you any of the recipes if you want :) I'll be posting some on my blog soon for sure as well!

  3. Not only did you do another 16 miler---you did it fastest and ended with your best mile!! Woo, awesome!!!