Friday, August 9, 2013

Pancake Friday and My New Sneakers

It's Friday!
It's been a wonderfully quick week for me, especially because my Monday didn't start until Tuesday.  I still have tell you guys about going to Ithaca, NY and Moosewood Restaurant (just so I can show you the delicious vegan food), but I guess that will be for next week.
I'm eating pancakes while talking to you this morning.  I haven't made pancakes before work in a while and this morning seemed perfect.  It's raining pretty hard so the pups preferred to stay in bed.  Here's my pancake recipe.  Except this morning I changed it up a bit - I used 1/3 cup whole wheat flour and 1/3 cup hazelnut flour, skipped the oats, but added tbsp. of chia seeds.  Ok, so I basically changed the recipe a lot, but isn't that the fun with pancakes?  I honestly just wing it when it comes to pancakes now.  As long as I've got some baking powder in there, I assume they'll rise.
Onto my new sneakers I mentioned on Tuesday...they arrived last night!
I think the bottom of them are so fun.  I tried them on and they feel so comfortable, but I'm going to resist because I know I can get more miles out of my current pair. 
I got in a faster 3 mile run yesterday.  I did sprints throughout which was fun.  It rained the whole time, but it felt really good. 
I'm excited for this weekend because we're visiting with family and celebrating my brother's birthday!  I really hope his gift arrives from Amazon today.  I've got a long run as well, but I haven't decided the length of it yet.  Maybe 18 miles...maybe just 10.
I hope your Friday goes smoothly and you have a nice weekend =)
Any plans?   


  1. Headed out boating this weekend. I can't wait. We will be ending at Shelter Island, should be a blast. Have fun with that 18 miler ;)

  2. hazelnut flour in pancakes! Never tried that before. Sounds delish. Where do you buy it? or do you make it?

    Have fun in Ithaca! Ithaca is gorges lol (hope you understand this!)

    1. It's bobs red mill brand! It works best when combined with another flower but the hazelnut flour adds fantastic flavor.

  3. Happy Birthday to your brother and have a great weekend! I've been looking for good sneakers....but I'm obsessed with Stella McCartney Adidas shoes!

    1. I'll have to check those sneakers out, hope you had a fantastic weekend too!

  4. "As long as I've got some baking powder in there, I assume they'll rise." I like the way you think! :)