Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eggs...Your Thoughts?


Ok, so today I want to talk to you about eggs. 
Picture from Gwyneth Paltrow's book - It's All Good
 Let me do a quick recap of my story because that’s the basis for this discussion:
1-  I was vegan for two years beginning in the fall of 2009.
2 - I did not stick to a vegan diet in 2012 (but was largely dairy free).  My husband and I were both training hard for a marathon and we were feeling sluggish.  Together, we questioned our vegan diet (obviously this was just speculation) and ultimately decided to incorporate meat back in. 
3 - On January 1, 2013, I went back to a full vegan diet because I realized I felt better and happier sticking to a plant-based diet.  This time it was inspired by Macrobiotics.
Now it’s 8 months later and (knock on wood) I’ve felt awesome this year.  I should probably also mention that 2012 was not a good year for me health wise.  I had at least 4 sinus infections.  I’d get one, go on antibiotics, get better and feel great for like a week or two, and then be back to feeling bad.  My sinus infections left me feeling incredible spacey which made running out of the question for the huge majority of 2012, and it made life itself just tough.  By December 2012, I was SO frustrated and upset that medically no one had done anything to help me, but simply fed me a bunch of 20 day cycles of antibiotics (which had terrible side effects on their own).  Basically I felt out of touch with my body and a mess.  So I jumped into Macrobiotics – you may remember my posts - and I still incorporate macrobiotics in my diet today, but am not sticking to it 100% right now. 
I have not taken any antibiotics in 2013.  Do I still have bad days with my sinuses? Yes.  I get pressure on my face and rarely bad headaches, but I’ve felt so much better.  Is it because I’ve stuck to a plant-based diet the last 8 months?  I don’t know; however, I can’t help to notice the correlation. 
That being said, I have in the last few weeks incorporated one item back into my diet – eggs.  A few weeks ago I started by putting an organic egg in pancakes just to see how I felt.  I felt good – no bad side effects.  So then another few days later when my husband and I were in Ithaca, I got eggs for breakfast.  I felt good again.  Interesting.
 I’m long over the label of vegan.  I have no intention of ever drinking cow’s milk again or eating cheese – no craving.  I have no desire for any meat either – not something I can even imagine stomaching right now.  I love sticking to a plant-based diet, but I may continue to incorporate eggs into my diet just to see. 
So you might be wondering why I decided to now incorporate eggs, especially if I’ve been feeling so good already.  I care a lot of my health and I just kind of want to test this out.  I worry about getting enough B vitamins on a vegan diet.  I want to be healthy not only today, but 40 years from now, and I want to do everything in my power to achieve that.  I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor so I really don’t have the answers as to whether eggs are the right thing to incorporate - maybe I don't need to add anything to my diet at all.  Oh how I love reading stuff on the internet, but I know that’s not the best method for getting answers.
What’s your opinion?  Do you eat eggs?  Do you think they have healthy benefits?
Thanks for listening and I’d love to hear your thoughts!  :)


  1. I love that you are not so worried about labels. I think that is so critical - that you do what you feel is right for your health and body, not for some nonsensical adherence to a trendy label.

    We still eat everything, but I have a couple of 'meatless' dinners each week and we have ~4 meat-based meals per week. I have shown my kids (at 15 & 16 they are 6'2" and 6'3" ... and eating machines!) that they can fully fuel themselves with whole, natural foods. At this point I will never give up meat ( no desire), but it has a fairly small impact on my overall diet.

    I think eggs definitely have health benefits - but it is like anything: there are multiple routes to the same destination. Being an omnivore means more chances to get all of the nutritional building blocks - and with each element you cut out it becomes more important to ensure you are meeting all of your needs. If a couple of eggs a week help you out, then why not?

  2. I love that you don't feel you need to stick to one label! You have to do what feels good for you.

    I am constantly going back and forth with eggs. Some days they sit well and others they don't. Here's what I've come to realize when it comes to eggs:

    -I can't eat them often (more than 2x a week)

    -if I react it's likely because I've had too much and need to cut them out.

    -cutting them out is not forever. I've been able to eliminate them then reintroduce them with no problem.

    -it's actually the egg whites which make me feel worse (versus the yolk).

    -I'm low on B12 and eggs are a great source.

    Keeping these in mind I can definitely enjoy eggs every once and while no problem. They're tricky for me though and definitely not a "safe" food. If it works for you then go for it!

    Btw Sinus infections suck majorly. You're a champ! Glad 2013 has been a better year :)

  3. I love this post... its exactly why I call myself a pseudo vegan. I know dairy and sweets are a no no for me but my body craves eggs sometimes. I have not eaten red meat in 12 years but I find myself craving it lately. Perhaps I'll try it out and see how I feel. I think its very important to listen to your body. I don't write about my food issues often enough but the doctors think I might have fructose intolerance which will totally make me rethink the way I eat if it is true.

  4. I really go back and forth with eggs. My focus is more about how I feel about animals than health (because I have random issues that act up no matter what I eat)... so when there's an easy substitute, I usually go for those. If I use eggs, I always make sure they're organic, free range, vegetarian fed birds. My coworker has chickens and ducks and my parents have pet ducks -- I know those birds are happy and so long as the eggs aren't fertilized, I feel 100% okay with it.

    My thoughts are always that every person is different and you have to do what works best for you. If eggs make your body happier, keep your body happy!

  5. I <3 eggs! This is perhaps related to my unequivocal love for breakfast. But I also eat them for lunch and/or dinner. As someone who doesn't eat tons of meat, I like them for the protein and nutrients - but also because they TASTE GOOD (to me)!

  6. Do what works for you. if you're digging eggs right now - eat em :). If two days from now you're over them that's cool too. I think shedding the label is what helps to figure out what's right for you.