Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Good Eats

Ready to see some delicious food pictures?   I've been eating good this weekend. 
This morning my husband and I walked the pups then I went grocery shopping, which then inspired Lentil Stew from one of my favorite books, The Kind Diet (recipe here!).  I was making this dish weekly in the colder weather because it's so warming and nutritious.  It's a slightly cooler day today and we were just craving it.  It's sitting pretty on the stove right now.  The whole process is about 10 minutes of work and the rest just letting it simmer on the stove.  I like to dump it over fresh brown rice each night when serving  it and my husband adds chicken sausage to his portion.  This stew will provide at least 3-4 meals for each of us - depends how hungry you are, but adding the rice at each meal makes it last longer.
Now the stew is for dinner so I just had a grilled cheese for lunch made with Ezekiel bread and daiya, and the bread was buttered with Earth Balance.  Easy and ridiculously tasty.  I like ketchup on the side.

 So I generally think about the night before long run dinner (my 20 miler on Saturday!) because I don't want my stomach to be angry while I'm running.  Friday night was homemade tacos with fresh guacamole.  This was the first time making fresh guacamole in at least a year.  My hubby gets all the credit - I just enjoyed eating it ;)
For you guacamole fans, isn't it just heaven?
Tacos included brown rice, black beans, vegan cheese (Follow Your Heart brand), and the homemade guacamole.  Yeah I went back for another taco after those three.  Can't feel any guilt about that!
Other food:  Chipotle Saturday afternoon and Chinese takeout on Thursday night of broccoli and tofu stir fry. 
 Ok, I hope I've made you crave some delicious food.  We're off to the movies!
Have a great rest of your weekend!
What's the best thing you ate all weekend?  Do your taste buds change with cooler weather?


  1. Ohhh man, tacos! Can't just post a picture like that, I'm going to be craving them all day :)

  2. Duel post comment :) ok here goes... So proud of you for sticking with your long run. I always hate those first couple miles of a long training run. Its hard not to beat yourself up mentally. Great pace and strong finish. Your going to kill it during the marathon :) I love eating Chinese food takeout. While my BF eats fried food I can always grab a healthy filling meal, usually with leftovers for lunch :)I am getting so ready to pull out my crockpot again for chili time!!! I sort of hate that I'm so excited for fall lol.

    1. Those first few miles were the worst!!! Isn't Chinese food takeout so great like that?! I'm so excited for fall too!!! Love cool air and warm meals especially using the crockpot!