Saturday, August 17, 2013

20 Miles Accomplished

Happy Saturday!
This morning I accomplished a major goal of mine - 20 miles!  This run has been on my thoughts since last Saturday's 16 miles.  It means a lot in my marathon training because it's the peak of my training.  I've got 6 weeks until the marathon.  Next weekend I plan on running no more than 12 and then maybe another 20 on 4 weeks to go - we'll see!  That would be ideal.
The last two weeks I've run 16 so adding another 4 miles means 4 miles on definitely tired legs.  It meant I also needed to pay extra attention to my fueling - and I should have fueled again at mile 18.
 I was not enjoying myself on miles 1-3 and mentally I really had no idea if I'd go 17 more.  However, my music helped me tremendously along with the cooler weather.  By mile 10, I knew I could do it.  I told myself no matter how tough it got, 20 miles were happening today.
I wear my fuel belt with 2 mini water bottles which I refilled 3 times along my journey.  I'm not sure if I was drinking too much water, but I also had to pee 3 times in the woods (TMI I know, but I don't want to have to pee three times during the marathon!).  Thank goodness there was hardly anyone out early this morning.  Anyways...
I had a bowl of oatmeal 20 minutes before heading out the door and a gel at mile 2, 6, 10, and 14.  I was feeling low energy when I finished at 20 and that's how I know I needed more fuel.

 I had some great songs that really pumped me up during the second half including one by the Killers (All These Things That I Have Done) which I listened to twice because I was loving the beat.  MIA and Daft Punk were a huge help as well.
I finished at the same time my husband and the pups finished their run - glorious moment!  I'm really proud of myself this morning.  My legs are tired and my feet were hurting by the end - maybe time for the new sneaks?
Ok, I just had to share with you guys because it's nice to share accomplishments, right?!
Thanks for listening.  I'm off to try on bridesmaid dresses today and we're visiting with my brother, and of course then eating lots of food!!
How's your weekend?  Do you ever have to pee while running? BAH! 


  1. Holy mother of running! Twenty miles and a kick a** pace?! Go, go, gooooo! You will rock the socks off of the marathon. I'm so happy you had a great run and aren't intimidated by the "20 miler" anymore-- that's so awesome!

    And yes, I peed for the woods for the first time on my 9 mile run last week. Such a proud milestone for me, haha ;-)

    1. Thanks Allee!!! Now I just need to get through the next 20 (and last long run) before the marathon next week! Hope your training is going great =)

  2. Congrats!!! That is actually sooooo amazing! I can't even comprehend running that long. So impressed :) Hope you're indulging in some vegan ice cream tonight! Much deserved.

    1. Thank you!!! You bet I indulged in some good eats haha =)