Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall Beauty and a Big Cup of Coffee

Hi there!
It is the perfect fall like morning.  After a week of insanely hot temperatures that felt (almost) wrong, I'm happy that cooler temperatures have set in.  The dogs decided they needed to go out at 6:30 this morning.  When I stepped out onto our back deck to let them out, it was so refreshing.  I did make an effort to go back to sleep, but then I just got hooked on Pinterest, and then decided a big cup of coffee sounded delicious.  Oh and I've been looking at such beautiful autumn stuff on Pinterest.  Do you ever get hooked on a Pinterest category
Jax always goes back to bed, especially if my husband is still sleeping, but Lincoln always joins me (follows me everywhere is more like it).  So this morning, I'm coming to you with a big cup of coffee and Lincoln by my side. 

I am 100% a fall girl.  I honestly just feel better when fall sets in.  I can't even explain it really, but I feel at peace with fall.  Don't get me wrong, I love summer too, it just doesn't compare to the beauty of fall in my mind.  Here are 5 little things that make fall so awesome (and my list could be endless...):

1. Big sweaters are totally appropriate.  I have this oversized red sweater that, while not figure flattering, is one of my favorite articles of clothing.  I just love it!

2. Hot coffee and lattes go perfect with fall.  Starbucks does fall so magnificently with those pumpkin lattes (I'm waiting until October to have one!) and walking to Starbucks on lunch is just breathtaking.  Actually walking anywhere when the leaves start to turn or have turned is just gorgeous.

3. I love apples and fall is filled with them.  And I love what I can bake with apples especially apple crisp - oh the deliciousness.

4. Hot meals.  My husband and I still cooked a lot this summer, but sometimes when it was 90 degrees out and we cooked a hot meal, it just didn't taste as good as when the weather is cool.  Hot food just tastes incredible in fall.  Make sense? ;)

5. The holiday season is approaching in fall... I love decorating our home for fall.  It's just a happy thing to come home to each day.
Yesterday, I went to PT for the first time!  It was so wonderful.  My physical therapist is a big time runner and has basically had every injury you can imagine.  She gave me complete faith that with a little strengthening and rest, I will be back to running in no time =)  It was so obvious with the tests she did that my left IT band is struggling, and my right side just a little bit.  She said that although the timing is bad, it's actually a good thing that this came up because it encourages me to address an issue now rather than years down the road when things could have gotten a lot worse.  Also, she mentioned that I didn't need to rule out the marathon yet, but I haven't run in 12 days so I'm not so sure.  I might give running a try tomorrow to see how it goes though. 
Along with stretches and foam rolling, I've got a few daily exercises to perform.  Woohoo!  I like taking action.  And with this fall weather, I'm beyond excited to get out there.  I'll be back on the road soon...

Ok, your turn! 

What is your favorite thing about fall?  What are you most looking forward to?

Have a splendid weekend =)

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  1. The better question is: What DON'T I love about fall? Because I pretty much love it all. But at the moment (this might change in the next moment, so don't take me too seriously), running on crunchy leaves on a chilly morning is my.favorite.thing.

    Unfortunately, there's no fall in Singapore - and it's too muggy for anything to be crunchy for more than 30 minutes after exposure to air. So, I'm living vicariously through everyone else's Fall Love postings. Keep it comin'! :)